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RPS ID Address 1 Address 2 Postcode Area Status Created At Updated At
rps_mns-FAC170050 Ling Lane Scarcroft LS14 3HX Scarcroft For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 14:59:39 07-Apr-2020 09:33:46
rps_mns-FAC180014 Calverley Road Oulton LS26 8JD Oulton For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 14:59:39 07-Apr-2020 09:33:46
rps_mns-FAC190080 Stainburn Otley LS21 2LT Stainburn For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 14:59:39 17-Jun-2020 12:00:18
rps_mns-WAK180507 Soothill Lane Soothill WF17 6EU Soothill For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 14:59:39 17-Aug-2020 09:00:14
rps_mns-ADE160278 The Drive Adel LS16 6BQ Adel For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:00:35 30-Sep-2020 15:00:18
rps_mns-WAK140595 Pinfold Lane Wakefield WF2 7LN Sandal For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:00:36 07-Apr-2020 09:33:47
rps_mns-NHO190055 Ridgeway Development Roundhay LS8 4DD Roundhay For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:00:36 08-Oct-2020 14:00:16
rps_mns-PUD190198 Marsden Grove Farsley LS28 5GJ Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:21 08-Oct-2020 10:00:22
rps_mns-HEA190404 Burchett Terrace Leeds LS6 2LR Woodhouse For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:21 26-Nov-2020 11:00:18
rps_mns-NHO190236 The Gables 1 Dunstarn Lane LS16 8EN Adel For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:21 28-Jun-2021 14:00:08
rps_mns-HOR110156 Vesper Gate Crescent Kirkstall LS5 3NP Kirkstall For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:22 07-Apr-2020 09:33:47
rps_mns-WAK190494 Brandy Carr Road Kirkhamgate WF2 0RJ Kirkhamgate For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:22 07-Apr-2020 09:33:47
rps_mns-GUI170313 Wensleydale Rise Baildon BD17 6TA Baildon For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:22 23-Jun-2020 09:00:40
rps_mns-HEA180079 Moor Park Drive Headingley LS6 4BX Far Headingley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:22 25-Jun-2020 10:00:44
rps_mns-SPR191138 Hill End Crescent Leeds LS12 3PW Upper Armley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:23 07-Apr-2020 09:33:47
rps_mns-FEA151475 Tinshill Road Cookridge LS16 7LD Cookridge For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:23 01-Jul-2020 10:00:47
rps_mns-SPR190637 The Gables 1 Dunstarn Lane LS16 8EN Adel For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:24 20-Jan-2021 10:00:22
rps_mns-WOR190030 Fartown Pudsey LS28 8NH Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:24 06-Oct-2021 15:00:08
rps_mns-PUD190033 Tawny Beck Leeds LS13 4UW Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:24 07-Apr-2020 09:33:48
rps_mns-PUD180603 Broadlands Avenue Pudsey LS28 9GB Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:24 07-Apr-2020 09:33:48
rps_mns-PUD080403 Greenside Grove Pudsey LS28 8QE Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:24 07-Apr-2020 09:33:48
rps_mns-PUD190531 Woodhall Court Calverley LS28 5UY Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:25 07-Apr-2020 09:33:48
rps_mns-FEA152949 Turbary Avenue Off New Park Croft LS28 5UT Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:25 20-Aug-2020 15:00:48
rps_mns-NHO170080 Low Lane Horsforth LS18 4ER Horsforth For Sale - Available 11-Oct-2019 15:02:25 07-Apr-2020 09:33:48
rps_mns-CRO080106 Red Hall Walk Leeds LS14 1EB Whinmoor For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:26 31-Jul-2020 15:00:20
rps_mns-ADE180197 Silk Mill Mews Cookridge LS16 6SU Cookridge For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:26 07-Apr-2020 09:33:49
rps_mns-PUD190687 Elder Road Leeds LS13 4BY Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:27 07-Apr-2020 09:33:49
rps_mns-CRO190519 Silkstone Way Leeds LS15 8TN Crossgates For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:27 07-Apr-2020 09:33:49
rps_mns-FEA152014 Waterloo Road Pudsey LS28 8DF Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:28 07-Apr-2020 09:33:49
rps_mns-NHO180224 Whingate Road Leeds LS12 3DS Armley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:28 16-Jul-2020 15:00:27
rps_mns-CRO120229 William Rise Leeds LS15 7JN Halton For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:29 07-Apr-2020 09:33:50
rps_mns-SPR190767 Bell Mount View Leeds LS13 2JD Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:02:30 08-Sep-2020 11:00:15
rps_mns-NHO190110 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 11-Oct-2019 15:02:30 12-May-2022 13:00:07
rps_mns-FEA170180 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 11-Oct-2019 15:02:31 24-Jun-2022 09:00:14
rps_mns-SPR172253 Swinnow Road Leeds LS13 4DR Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:09 07-Apr-2020 09:33:51
rps_mns-SPR190284 Thornhill Croft Walton WF2 6NU Walton For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:55 09-Apr-2020 13:02:24
rps_mns-WOR190200 Whincover Bank Farnley LS12 5JW Farnley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:55 07-Apr-2020 09:33:51
rps_mns-NHO190255 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 11-Oct-2019 15:04:56 20-Jun-2022 11:14:19
rps_mns-HEA190086 Highbury Street Meanwood LS6 4EZ Meanwood For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:56 07-Apr-2020 09:33:52
rps_mns-PUD190402 Thornbury Avenue Bradford BD3 8HZ Thornbury For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:57 20-Apr-2020 15:02:46
rps_mns-PML160042 Airedale House 8 Rodley Lane LS13 1BG Rodley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:58 07-Apr-2020 09:33:52
rps_mns-FEA190050 Malmesbury Terrace Leeds LS12 4BL Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:58 01-Jul-2020 13:00:51
rps_mns-SPR182994 Kingdom Apartments Station Road LS26 9EA Methley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:04:59 11-May-2020 13:02:46
rps_mns-WAK190521 Bluebell Road East Ardsley WF3 2LS East Ardsley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2019 15:05:00 07-Apr-2020 09:33:53
rps_mns-WAK130288 Chapel Street Stanley WF3 4JE Stanley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Nov-2019 17:51:16 07-Apr-2020 09:33:53
rps_mns-SPR191083 Moorland Drive Guiseley LS20 9EG Guiseley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Nov-2019 17:51:20 07-Apr-2020 09:33:53
rps_mns-WOR190248 Harrogate Road Bradford BD10 0NB Apperley Bridge For Sale - Available 09-Nov-2019 17:51:22 27-Jun-2022 21:00:10
rps_mns-GUI190389 Kirk Lane Yeadon LS19 7ET Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 09-Nov-2019 17:51:22 07-Apr-2020 09:33:54
rps_mns-WOR190306 Whingate Close Leeds LS12 3QT Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Nov-2019 17:51:25 07-Apr-2020 09:33:54
rps_mns-MLY190491 Sparta Court Troy Road LS27 8JG Morley For Sale - Unavailable 15-Nov-2019 11:02:12 05-Jul-2021 12:00:23
rps_mns-SPR191256 Brandy Carr Road Kirkhamgate WF2 0RJ Kirkhamgate For Sale - Unavailable 21-Nov-2019 11:02:40 07-Apr-2020 09:33:55
rps_mns-HOR190415 Newlay Grove Horsforth LS18 4LH Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 25-Nov-2019 18:00:33 07-Apr-2020 09:33:55
rps_mns-CRO190681 Copperfield Drive Leeds LS9 0BR Cross Green For Sale - Unavailable 28-Nov-2019 17:01:43 21-Jul-2020 15:01:26
rps_mns-MLY190524 Kirkwood Grove Tingley WF3 1PJ Tingley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Dec-2019 17:01:34 07-Apr-2020 09:33:55
rps_mns-GFT190212 Alandale Crescent Garforth LS25 1DH Garforth For Sale - Unavailable 05-Dec-2019 15:00:55 07-Apr-2020 09:33:55
rps_mns-HOR190420 Alexandra Road Horsforth LS18 4HE Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 06-Dec-2019 17:04:34 03-Jun-2020 14:01:10
rps_mns-NHO190536 Stanningley Road Stanningley LS28 6NB Stanningley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Dec-2019 09:13:36 07-Apr-2020 09:33:56
rps_mns-HEA180042 Woodlea Gardens Meanwood LS6 4SE Meanwood For Sale - Unavailable 12-Dec-2019 15:20:04 07-Apr-2020 09:33:56
rps_mns-ADE190074 Woodlea Drive Meanwood LS6 4SQ Meanwood For Sale - Unavailable 13-Dec-2019 10:09:56 07-Apr-2020 09:33:56
rps_mns-BEE190581 South View Rothwell LS26 0NT Rothwell For Sale - Unavailable 16-Dec-2019 13:45:36 07-Apr-2020 09:35:20
rps_mns-HEA190438 St. Michaels Lane Leeds LS4 2RX Burley For Sale - Unavailable 18-Dec-2019 12:16:08 07-Apr-2020 10:06:43
rps_mns-SPR191258 Melrose Grove Horsforth LS18 4DB Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 20-Dec-2019 16:15:05 07-Apr-2020 09:35:20
rps_mns-PUD190943 Peckover Drive Pudsey LS28 8EQ Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 23-Dec-2019 17:12:57 07-Apr-2020 09:35:20
rps_mns-MLY140458 Highfield Drive Gildersome LS27 7DW Gildersome For Sale - Unavailable 02-Jan-2020 11:13:59 07-Apr-2020 09:35:21
rps_mns-HEA180427 Eden Crescent Leeds LS4 2TS Burley For Sale - Unavailable 02-Jan-2020 12:14:47 07-Apr-2020 09:35:21
rps_mns-ROT190513 Bellflower Close Castleford WF10 5UF Whitwood For Sale - Unavailable 03-Jan-2020 17:15:17 01-Jul-2020 16:01:48
rps_mns-ADE190351 Church Close Pool In Wharfedale LS21 1LN Otley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Jan-2020 18:14:23 24-Apr-2020 10:05:44
rps_mns-FAC190022 Moorside Road Eccleshill BD2 2EU Eccleshill For Sale - Unavailable 15-Jan-2020 14:04:48 07-Apr-2020 09:35:22
rps_mns-HEA190465 Bankfield Road Leeds LS4 2RF Burley For Sale - Unavailable 15-Jan-2020 14:42:54 02-Jul-2020 12:01:37
rps_mns-PUD200071 Cemetery Road Pudsey LS28 7SX Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 16-Jan-2020 16:41:20 07-Apr-2020 09:35:22
rps_mns-WAK120853 Bridle Lane Ossett WF5 9PT Gawthorpe For Sale - Unavailable 20-Jan-2020 10:45:44 05-Sep-2020 11:00:51
rps_mns-PUD170190 Cemetery Road Pudsey LS28 7LW Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 24-Jan-2020 17:24:19 01-Oct-2020 10:00:56
rps_mns-SPR192120 Billingbauk Drive Leeds LS13 4RX Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 29-Jan-2020 13:15:42 11-Jun-2020 15:01:42
rps_mns-GUI170211 Ings Lane Guiseley LS20 8DA Guiseley For Sale - Unavailable 30-Jan-2020 16:14:57 07-Apr-2020 09:35:23
rps_mns-SPR200122 Farrar Court Leeds LS13 3SP Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 04-Feb-2020 10:16:58 29-May-2020 12:01:46
rps_mns-PUD190947 Harley Court Leeds LS13 4QJ Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 04-Feb-2020 14:16:53 07-Apr-2020 09:35:23
rps_mns-FEA152556 College Road Gildersome LS27 7EQ Gildersome For Sale - Unavailable 04-Feb-2020 16:14:53 07-Apr-2020 09:35:23
rps_mns-PML190012 Halliday Road Armley LS12 3PG Armley For Sale - Unavailable 05-Feb-2020 11:12:10 04-May-2021 14:00:28
rps_mns-HOR170292 Dale Park Avenue Cookridge LS16 7PU Cookridge For Sale - Unavailable 05-Feb-2020 17:10:39 04-Aug-2020 11:01:18
rps_mns-PUD190268 Hodgson Lane Drighlington BD11 1BW Drighlington For Sale - Unavailable 11-Feb-2020 13:13:04 07-Apr-2020 09:35:24
rps_mns-FEA190017 Parkside Road Leeds LS6 4LY Meanwood For Sale - Available 14-Feb-2020 16:21:30 27-Jun-2022 16:00:17
rps_mns-HOR180434 Tinkler Stile Thackley BD10 8WB Idle For Sale - Unavailable 15-Feb-2020 15:16:13 07-Apr-2020 09:35:25
rps_mns-GUI200031 Moorway Guiseley LS20 8LB Hawksworth For Sale - Unavailable 15-Feb-2020 16:13:26 02-Jun-2020 11:01:47
rps_mns-CRO180069 Wharfedale Court leeds LS14 6RE Seacroft For Sale - Unavailable 17-Feb-2020 18:14:16 27-Aug-2020 11:01:10
rps_mns-PUD200045 Queensthorpe Close Leeds LS13 4JT Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 18-Feb-2020 10:15:35 07-Apr-2020 09:35:25
rps_mns-ADE160421 Farrar Lane Adel LS16 6BN Adel For Sale - Unavailable 18-Feb-2020 17:17:14 07-Apr-2020 09:35:25
rps_mns-PUD190105 Daleside Grove Pudsey LS28 8HE Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 19-Feb-2020 13:20:28 18-Jun-2020 14:02:06
rps_mns-MLY170365 Bruntcliffe Lane Morley LS27 9LP Bruntcliffe For Sale - Unavailable 20-Feb-2020 15:16:24 13-Jun-2020 13:02:58
rps_mns-WOR200006 Fawcett Vale Leeds LS12 4TW Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 21-Feb-2020 10:24:21 14-Sep-2020 10:01:38
rps_mns-GUI190239 South Street Rawdon LS19 6JF Rawdon For Sale - Unavailable 24-Feb-2020 12:16:04 07-Apr-2020 13:11:11
rps_mns-ROT170174 Clifton Terrace Leeds LS9 6ES Leeds 9 For Sale - Unavailable 25-Feb-2020 11:19:01 07-Apr-2020 09:35:25
rps_mns-WAK200012 Horbury Road Wakefield WF2 8BQ Wakefield For Sale - Unavailable 02-Mar-2020 10:14:09 05-Jan-2021 13:00:38
rps_mns-SPR192377 Holts Crest Way Leeds LS12 2AG Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Mar-2020 11:12:24 22-May-2020 08:02:16
rps_mns-ROT190575 The Pleasance Swillington LS26 8ED Swillington For Sale - Unavailable 03-Mar-2020 12:12:57 07-Apr-2020 09:35:26
rps_mns-SPR200236 Granny Lane Lower Wortley LS12 4TZ Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Mar-2020 18:15:08 19-May-2020 14:09:24
rps_mns-CRO200070 Naburn Fold Leeds LS14 2BP Whinmoor For Sale - Unavailable 04-Mar-2020 13:15:10 06-May-2020 11:10:30
rps_mns-HOR170181 Riverside Mews 109 Hawksworth Road LS18 4JJ Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 04-Mar-2020 15:17:36 08-Apr-2020 10:11:48
rps_mns-CRO200085 Naburn Fold Leeds LS14 2BR Whinmoor For Sale - Unavailable 06-Mar-2020 10:16:05 07-Apr-2020 09:35:26
rps_mns-CRO200158 Magnolia Road Seacroft LS14 6WQ Seacroft For Sale - Unavailable 06-Mar-2020 11:15:43 24-Jul-2020 10:02:30
rps_mns-WAK200176 Sandpiper Road Calder Grove WF4 3FE Calder Grove For Sale - Unavailable 06-Mar-2020 16:21:21 14-May-2020 16:11:07
rps_mns-WAK190621 Thornleigh Croft Wakefield WF2 7SQ Thornes For Sale - Unavailable 09-Mar-2020 12:15:19 12-Aug-2020 16:02:44
rps_mns-MLY200096 Melbourne Mills Melbourne Street LS27 8BJ Morley For Sale - Available 10-Mar-2020 14:16:16 24-Jun-2022 17:00:19
rps_mns-MLY200113 Shire Road Morley LS27 0BF Morley For Sale - Unavailable 12-Mar-2020 11:15:20 07-Apr-2020 09:35:27
rps_mns-PUD200147 West End Road Calverley LS28 5PF Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 12-Mar-2020 16:17:04 17-Aug-2020 10:02:34
rps_mns-ROT190003 Sherwood Way Woodlesford LS26 8GN Woodlesford For Sale - Unavailable 16-Mar-2020 12:14:38 27-Apr-2020 11:12:34
rps_mns-PML160036 Wesley Street Morley LS27 9ED Morley For Sale - Unavailable 16-Mar-2020 17:15:05 20-May-2020 11:02:48
rps_mns-CRO100348 Rosgill Walk Seacroft LS14 6QR Seacroft For Sale - Unavailable 18-Mar-2020 13:15:22 20-Jul-2020 11:03:05
rps_mns-SPR200542 Chase Avenue Morley LS27 0QY Morley For Sale - Unavailable 19-Mar-2020 11:17:38 07-Apr-2020 09:35:27
rps_mns-CRO200032 Laurel Hill Way Leeds LS15 9EW Colton For Sale - Unavailable 25-Mar-2020 15:13:50 11-May-2020 16:12:43
rps_mns-ROT200145 Gipsy Lane Woodlesford LS26 8SA Woodlesford For Sale - Unavailable 25-Mar-2020 17:16:21 10-Jun-2020 09:02:48
rps_mns-WOR200101 Whingate Road Armley LS12 3DS Armley For Sale - Unavailable 26-Mar-2020 17:14:32 20-Nov-2020 10:00:48
rps_mns-FEA160686 Rockwood Crescent Calverley LS28 5AE Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 02-Apr-2020 09:15:35 13-Oct-2020 16:01:55
rps_mns-CRO200229 Baildon Chase Leeds LS14 2AZ Whinmoor For Sale - Unavailable 17-Apr-2020 16:14:24 18-May-2020 13:12:52
rps_mns-NHO200074 Ramsdens Grove Guiseley LS20 9HP Guiseley For Sale - Available 03-May-2020 10:12:24 29-Jun-2022 17:09:30
rps_mns-WAK200253 Sandpiper Road Calder Grove WF4 3FE Calder Grove For Sale - Unavailable 14-May-2020 16:12:56 14-Apr-2021 16:00:12
rps_mns-SPR172529 Moseley Wood Croft Cookridge LS16 7JJ Cookridge For Sale - Available 28-May-2020 08:39:12 28-May-2020 08:39:12
rps_mns-CRO200271 Leeds Road Barwick In Elmet LS15 4HS Barwick In Elmet For Sale - Unavailable 04-Jun-2020 16:03:30 11-Sep-2020 09:02:02
rps_mns-ROT130120 Barley Mews Robin Hood WF3 3BT Robin Hood For Sale - Unavailable 10-Jun-2020 10:03:46 11-Aug-2020 09:03:25
rps_mns-WOR200120 Salisbury Terrace Leeds LS12 2AY Armley For Sale - Unavailable 10-Jun-2020 16:04:12 28-Jul-2020 09:03:07
rps_mns-SPR200807 Enfield Yeadon LS19 7RY Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 12-Jun-2020 15:04:15 18-Sep-2020 08:01:55
rps_mns-MLY200182 Milton House Queen Street LS27 9EB Morley For Sale - Unavailable 12-Jun-2020 15:04:25 12-Apr-2021 13:00:24
rps_mns-ROT200078 Churchfield Lane Rothwell LS26 0NA Rothwell For Sale - Unavailable 16-Jun-2020 10:03:44 19-Jun-2020 11:04:07
rps_mns-PUD200396 Castle Ings Gardens Leeds LS12 5EG Farnley For Sale - Unavailable 19-Jun-2020 15:04:34 16-Oct-2020 12:03:36
rps_mns-CRO200012 Ashfield Terrace Leeds LS15 8SF Crossgates For Sale - Unavailable 20-Jun-2020 10:03:54 31-Aug-2021 14:00:23
rps_mns-GUI150375 Back Lane Guiseley LS20 8DS Guiseley For Sale - Unavailable 22-Jun-2020 14:06:06 17-Aug-2020 15:02:52
rps_mns-SPR190861 Rein Road Morley LS27 0JA Morley For Sale - Unavailable 26-Jun-2020 20:04:29 23-Jul-2020 09:04:32
rps_mns-SPR200903 Town Gate Close Guiseley LS20 9PQ Guiseley For Sale - Unavailable 30-Jun-2020 12:06:39 07-Oct-2020 08:02:09
rps_mns-FAC200058 Park Crescent Roundhay LS8 1DH Roundhay For Sale - Unavailable 30-Jun-2020 13:04:25 05-Nov-2020 18:01:24
rps_mns-PUD200490 Millbank View Pudsey LS28 9NN Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 01-Jul-2020 18:05:07 23-Jul-2020 08:05:33
rps_mns-WAK180405 Potovens Lane Wrenthorpe WF2 0QG Wrenthorpe For Sale - Unavailable 02-Jul-2020 12:04:15 18-Mar-2021 10:00:46
rps_mns-PUD200493 Bryan Street Farsley LS28 5JP Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 06-Jul-2020 15:05:48 12-Oct-2020 10:01:57
rps_mns-GUI200226 Southfield Road Burley in Wharfedale LS29 7PB Burley In Wharfedale For Sale - Unavailable 09-Jul-2020 14:04:18 04-Nov-2020 09:01:47
rps_mns-NHO190564 Whinfield Leeds LS16 7AE Adel For Sale - Unavailable 20-Jul-2020 17:04:45 15-Jan-2021 12:01:23
rps_mns-CRO200352 Woodlands Way Whinmoor LS14 2AW Whinmoor For Sale - Unavailable 21-Jul-2020 14:05:44 03-Aug-2020 14:04:04
rps_mns-CRO200359 Ash Court Leeds LS14 6GH Killingbeck For Sale - Unavailable 21-Jul-2020 15:07:23 23-Jul-2020 16:06:00
rps_mns-ROT200373 Love Lane Rothwell LS26 0NZ Rothwell For Sale - Unavailable 22-Jul-2020 11:05:57 21-Sep-2020 11:03:14
rps_mns-PUD170615 Somerdale Gardens Leeds LS13 4SA Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 23-Jul-2020 09:06:30 05-Aug-2020 10:03:39
rps_mns-PUD200528 Fieldway Avenue Rodley LS13 1ED Rodley For Sale - Unavailable 23-Jul-2020 09:06:42 23-Oct-2020 11:02:23
rps_mns-NHO200356 Main Street Methley LS26 9JE Methley For Sale - Available 23-Jul-2020 13:07:38 27-Jun-2022 16:00:27
rps_mns-NHO190559 Chapel Street Stanningley LS28 6BW Stanningley For Sale - Unavailable 24-Jul-2020 17:05:23 02-Feb-2022 11:00:26
rps_mns-HEA200268 Kelsall Avenue Leeds LS6 1RB Hyde Park For Sale - Unavailable 24-Jul-2020 17:05:28 23-Sep-2020 16:03:22
rps_mns-HEA200265 Woodhouse Street Leeds LS6 2NY Woodhouse For Sale - Unavailable 24-Jul-2020 17:05:46 23-Sep-2020 16:03:23
rps_mns-WBY200163 Hallfield Court Wetherby LS22 5RF Wetherby For Sale - Unavailable 27-Jul-2020 10:06:03 16-Oct-2020 16:05:09
rps_mns-WOR190294 Roxburgh Mews Armley LS12 2JT Armley For Sale - Unavailable 27-Jul-2020 16:06:21 30-Sep-2020 10:03:06
rps_mns-CRO180150 Stanks Drive Leeds LS14 5NS Swarcliffe For Sale - Unavailable 31-Jul-2020 11:08:38 03-Aug-2020 13:04:29
rps_mns-CRO200387 Dawlish Grove Leeds LS9 9HD East End Park For Sale - Unavailable 11-Aug-2020 14:08:03 01-Feb-2021 16:01:20
rps_mns-OAK200401 Knoll Wood Park Horsforth LS18 4SH Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 12-Aug-2020 15:08:10 14-Sep-2020 09:04:11
rps_mns-CRO200442 Cherrywood Close Leeds LS14 2HF Skelton Woods For Sale - Unavailable 14-Aug-2020 14:04:59 25-Jan-2021 13:04:45
rps_mns-PUD200038 Hough Side Lane Pudsey LS28 9JH Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 14-Aug-2020 15:05:40 21-Apr-2021 15:00:51
rps_mns-HOR200115 Capel Court Calverley LS28 5UL Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 14-Aug-2020 17:04:49 07-Sep-2020 15:07:34
rps_mns-PUD200472 Round Hill Road Pudsey LS28 8BJ Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 17-Aug-2020 12:04:51 18-Aug-2020 15:04:49
rps_mns-SPR201537 Springfield Avenue Morley LS27 9PW Morley For Sale - Unavailable 20-Aug-2020 14:08:29 14-Sep-2020 15:08:02
rps_mns-WOR200211 Branch Street Leeds LS12 5PW Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 21-Aug-2020 10:07:12 26-Jan-2021 16:02:25
rps_mns-HOR200243 Dale Park Avenue Cookridge LS16 7PU Cookridge For Sale - Unavailable 25-Aug-2020 14:06:00 26-Mar-2021 10:02:05
rps_mns-SPR201789 Ridings Court Lofthouse WF3 3JJ Lofthouse For Sale - Unavailable 26-Aug-2020 13:04:47 10-Oct-2020 11:03:26
rps_mns-WOR090003 Tavistock Way Leeds LS12 4DR Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 26-Aug-2020 15:05:46 10-Apr-2021 08:00:55
rps_mns-WOR200193 Saxstead Rise Leeds LS12 4ND Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 26-Aug-2020 15:06:22 06-Nov-2020 12:03:14
rps_mns-PUD200255 Raynville Walk Bramley LS13 2QQ Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 28-Aug-2020 18:04:53 03-Sep-2020 11:04:37
rps_mns-SPR201676 Roper Avenue Roundhay LS8 1LG Roundhay For Sale - Unavailable 04-Sep-2020 10:06:39 17-Apr-2021 09:00:52
rps_mns-SPR201940 Field End Crescent Leeds LS15 0QE Halton For Sale - Unavailable 08-Sep-2020 15:05:57 10-Sep-2020 18:04:17
rps_mns-SPR181782 Hebble Wharf Navigation Walk WF1 5RD Wakefield For Sale - Unavailable 15-Sep-2020 08:06:42 05-Aug-2021 11:00:17
rps_mns-HEA200128 Victoria Park Avenue Kirkstall LS5 3DG Kirkstall For Sale - Unavailable 15-Sep-2020 12:06:41 24-Nov-2020 13:03:01
rps_mns-CRO190038 Templegate Rise Leeds LS15 0HG Temple Newsam For Sale - Unavailable 16-Sep-2020 16:09:10 26-Oct-2020 18:03:43
rps_mns-SPR201609 New Forest Way Leeds LS10 4GH New Forest Village For Sale - Unavailable 17-Sep-2020 19:04:43 18-Feb-2021 16:01:53
rps_mns-SPR181577 Beechfield Leeds LS12 5QS New Farnley For Sale - Unavailable 21-Sep-2020 08:05:15 07-Oct-2020 11:04:44
rps_mns-WAK200500 Ashfield Bradford BD4 9RL Tong For Sale - Unavailable 22-Sep-2020 09:07:43 30-Apr-2021 10:01:10
rps_mns-PML180070 Carisbrooke Road Leeds LS16 5RU Far Headingley For Sale - Unavailable 22-Sep-2020 11:06:32 17-Nov-2020 17:03:37
rps_mns-CRO190429 Cross Green Lane Halton LS15 7SA Halton For Sale - Unavailable 26-Sep-2020 15:05:17 30-Dec-2020 13:02:26
rps_mns-ADE200168 The Poplars Bramhope LS16 9DL Bramhope For Sale - Unavailable 28-Sep-2020 11:04:58 26-Nov-2020 10:03:21
rps_mns-PUD200701 Henry Grove Pudsey LS28 7FD Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 29-Sep-2020 12:05:14 04-Feb-2021 19:01:48
rps_mns-HOR140440 Newlay Wood Close Horsforth LS18 4SL Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 29-Sep-2020 16:05:24 06-Oct-2020 09:04:38
rps_mns-FEA190040 Cliffe Park Crescent Leeds LS12 4XB Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Oct-2020 12:05:27 22-Oct-2020 16:07:30
rps_mns-OAK180372 Lidgett Lane Leeds LS8 1QR Roundhay For Sale - Unavailable 06-Oct-2020 11:05:20 05-Oct-2021 12:05:01
rps_mns-PUD200770 Lane End Pudsey LS28 9AQ Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 06-Oct-2020 16:05:33 13-Oct-2020 09:10:59
rps_mns-PUD200736 Spring Valley Drive Leeds LS13 4RN Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 07-Oct-2020 17:05:57 27-Apr-2021 09:01:17
rps_mns-PUD200751 Woodhall Road Calverley LS28 5PP Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 08-Oct-2020 14:04:52 04-Jan-2021 10:02:47
rps_mns-GUI150123 Moor View Yeadon LS19 7AX Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 12-Oct-2020 11:05:39 01-Apr-2021 16:01:42
rps_mns-SPR181181 Crowther Avenue Calverley LS28 5SA Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 14-Oct-2020 19:09:38 19-Feb-2021 15:02:56
rps_mns-WAK200565 Albert Drive Morley LS27 8SE Morley For Sale - Unavailable 18-Oct-2020 13:10:23 19-Oct-2020 11:19:05
rps_mns-SPR201757 Eccleston Court 218 Kirkstall Lane LS6 3DS Headingley For Sale - Unavailable 22-Oct-2020 09:06:21 27-Aug-2021 09:00:18
rps_mns-PUD200784 Baxendale Drive Newlay LS13 1GA Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 22-Oct-2020 18:06:29 05-Feb-2021 13:03:19
rps_mns-WOR200276 Stanningley Road Leeds LS12 3NW Armley For Sale - Unavailable 23-Oct-2020 11:05:58 18-Nov-2020 16:04:50
rps_mns-NHO180147 New Street Farsley LS28 5DJ Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 23-Oct-2020 15:06:12 04-Nov-2020 17:05:30
rps_mns-MLL200114 Royd Moor Lane Badsworth WF9 1AZ Badsworth For Sale - Available 26-Oct-2020 13:04:44 26-Oct-2020 13:04:44
rps_mns-MLY190247 Victoria Court Victoria Mews LS27 9DA Morley For Sale - Unavailable 31-Oct-2020 12:06:37 09-Apr-2021 18:01:21
rps_mns-FEA141109 Stanningley Road Leeds LS12 3NW Armley For Sale - Unavailable 02-Nov-2020 17:05:32 18-Nov-2020 16:04:44
rps_mns-MLY200400 Violet Road East Ardsley WF3 2NH East Ardsley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Nov-2020 11:06:18 26-Nov-2020 16:04:28
rps_mns-NHO200311 Marshall Street Yeadon LS19 7SR Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 05-Nov-2020 13:05:14 01-Apr-2021 11:01:21
rps_mns-HOR200380 Station Road Horsforth LS18 5PA Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 06-Nov-2020 11:06:23 29-Jun-2021 13:00:45
rps_mns-SPR200738 Bridge Wood Close Horsforth LS18 5TR Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 10-Nov-2020 11:05:52 12-May-2021 15:10:44
rps_mns-WAK200497 Westfield Grove Ackworth WF7 7HF Ackworth For Sale - Unavailable 13-Nov-2020 11:04:56 25-Sep-2021 13:00:22
rps_mns-MLY200394 Digpal Road Churwell LS27 7GE Gildersome For Sale - Unavailable 17-Nov-2020 13:05:28 07-Jan-2021 12:03:29
rps_mns-PUD200877 Narrowboat Wharf Rodley LS13 1RE Rodley For Sale - Unavailable 25-Nov-2020 11:06:10 05-Feb-2021 18:03:52
rps_mns-MLY200426 Butterfields Buildings Morley LS27 9QF Morley For Sale - Unavailable 30-Nov-2020 14:10:15 20-Jan-2021 11:03:42
rps_mns-WOR200317 College View Upper Armley LS12 3LT Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 02-Dec-2020 11:06:01 13-Jan-2021 12:04:46
rps_mns-PUD200871 Stanningley Road Leeds LS13 3HZ Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Dec-2020 16:06:35 08-Dec-2020 12:06:19
rps_mns-CRO200598 Lyme Chase Leeds LS14 6XQ Killingbeck For Sale - Unavailable 09-Dec-2020 14:05:50 09-Mar-2021 18:02:40
rps_mns-CRO200686 Templestowe Gardens Leeds LS15 7DQ Whitkirk For Sale - Unavailable 11-Dec-2020 18:05:37 15-Feb-2021 14:03:14
rps_mns-HOR180309 Ganners Way Leeds LS13 2PQ Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 30-Dec-2020 15:05:57 08-Mar-2021 17:03:09
rps_mns-NHO200380 Main Street Methley LS26 9JE Methley For Sale - Available 08-Jan-2021 13:04:46 12-Apr-2022 16:09:43
rps_mns-GUI190342 Moorland Crescent Guiseley LS20 9EF Guiseley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Jan-2021 15:06:26 01-Oct-2021 12:00:21
rps_mns-PUD200166 Greenleigh Court Dawsons Square LS28 5FZ Farsley For Sale - Available 11-Jan-2021 15:12:03 29-Jun-2022 13:11:12
rps_mns-WOR180134 Whitehall Road Leeds LS12 5DU New Farnley For Sale - Unavailable 11-Jan-2021 18:08:51 22-Apr-2021 12:02:10
rps_mns-ADE190331 Latchmere Drive West Park LS16 5DR West Park For Sale - Unavailable 15-Jan-2021 16:08:04 23-Apr-2021 09:01:50
rps_mns-SPR210137 Rufford Street Wakefield WF2 9PH Alverthorpe For Sale - Unavailable 22-Jan-2021 23:04:24 23-Apr-2021 15:02:17
rps_mns-ADE210016 Tinshill Mount Cookridge LS16 7AY Cookridge For Sale - Unavailable 27-Jan-2021 15:05:37 17-Feb-2021 10:07:09
rps_mns-ROT140261 Ebenezer Street Robin Hood WF3 3AD Robin Hood For Sale - Available 03-Feb-2021 13:04:36 09-Feb-2022 17:07:27
rps_mns-HOR210010 Westfield Road Leeds LS3 1DL Burley For Sale - Available 03-Feb-2021 15:06:02 22-Jun-2022 12:12:07
rps_mns-CRO210078 Manston Crescent Leeds LS15 8BN Crossgates For Sale - Unavailable 09-Feb-2021 13:05:23 15-Feb-2021 17:04:30
rps_mns-SPR161616 Priesthorpe Road Farsley LS28 5RD Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 16-Feb-2021 17:05:43 06-Mar-2021 10:05:00
rps_mns-MLY200427 Rathlin Road Dewsbury WF12 7EY Dewsbury For Sale - Unavailable 22-Feb-2021 11:06:00 08-Dec-2021 19:00:14
rps_mns-MLY210037 Bradford Road Tingley WF3 1QN Tingley For Sale - Unavailable 25-Feb-2021 18:04:42 27-Sep-2021 17:00:16
rps_mns-ROT200596 All Saints Drive Woodlesford LS26 8NF Woodlesford For Sale - Unavailable 02-Mar-2021 18:05:33 22-Jun-2021 11:01:36
rps_mns-PUD210146 Lawson Court Farsley LS28 5GS Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Mar-2021 13:04:40 08-Mar-2021 14:04:09
rps_mns-SPR210257 Tranfield Court Guiseley LS20 8NF Guiseley For Sale - Available 05-Mar-2021 17:05:39 27-Jun-2022 21:12:38
rps_mns-NHO200492 Green Lane Mills Green Lane LS19 7XP Carlton For Sale - Unavailable 08-Mar-2021 15:06:22 09-Mar-2021 10:05:06
rps_mns-PUD210083 Merton Drive Farsley LS28 5EB Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 10-Mar-2021 10:05:24 28-Jul-2021 09:01:14
rps_mns-MLY210087 Street Lane Gildersome LS27 7WP Gildersome For Sale - Unavailable 12-Mar-2021 10:06:22 17-Aug-2021 10:01:07
rps_mns-WOR200289 Swallow Avenue Leeds LS12 4RD Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 24-Mar-2021 15:06:24 07-Apr-2021 12:03:54
rps_mns-SPR210768 Armley Ridge Road Armley LS12 2RD Armley For Sale - Unavailable 25-Mar-2021 10:07:29 20-Apr-2021 09:03:57
rps_mns-CRO210132 Lilac Court Leeds LS14 6GQ Killingbeck For Sale - Available 26-Mar-2021 09:11:22 04-May-2022 15:14:03
rps_mns-SPR180111 Green Hill Chase Leeds LS12 4HF Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 26-Mar-2021 15:05:32 26-Apr-2021 15:04:09
rps_mns-SPR192559 Ashton Street Harehills LS8 5BY Harehills For Sale - Unavailable 29-Mar-2021 15:06:42 30-Mar-2021 09:04:19
rps_mns-SPR170721 Bruntcliffe Drive Morley LS27 0NF Bruntcliffe For Sale - Unavailable 31-Mar-2021 09:04:55 21-Apr-2021 09:04:01
rps_mns-SPR210884 Old Road Overton WF4 4RB Overton For Sale - Unavailable 01-Apr-2021 14:04:40 17-Jan-2022 11:00:47
rps_mns-NHO210042 The Heath Dunstarn Lane LS16 8EG Adel For Sale - Available 01-Apr-2021 17:05:14 24-Jun-2022 13:09:58
rps_mns-OAK200555 Cardwell Road Leeds LS14 1FL Seacroft For Sale - Unavailable 06-Apr-2021 11:04:43 28-Jun-2021 11:02:05
rps_mns-WAK180288 Rae Court Stanley WF3 4PN Stanley For Sale - Unavailable 07-Apr-2021 14:04:23 05-May-2021 16:03:36
rps_mns-MOO210039 Wigton Park Close Alwoodley LS17 8UH Alwoodley For Sale - Unavailable 08-Apr-2021 09:05:22 30-Jun-2021 15:01:47
rps_mns-ADE190285 Otley Road Adel LS16 8AD Adel For Sale - Unavailable 09-Apr-2021 16:04:29 08-Jul-2021 11:02:45
rps_mns-FEA210010 Ringwood Drive Leeds LS14 1AR Wellington Hill For Sale - Unavailable 10-Apr-2021 11:04:24 24-Apr-2021 13:03:53
rps_mns-PUD210184 Radcliffe Lane Pudsey LS28 8AB Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 12-Apr-2021 16:06:10 26-Aug-2021 12:00:58
rps_mns-CRO130569 Pontefract Avenue Leeds LS9 8PF Leeds 9 For Sale - Unavailable 15-Apr-2021 10:06:37 29-Dec-2021 14:00:49
rps_mns-MLY210149 Woodlands Road Batley WF17 0QS Upper Batley For Sale - Unavailable 16-Apr-2021 10:04:48 09-Sep-2021 17:01:03
rps_mns-NHO200386 Back Lane Drighlington BD11 1LS Drighlington For Sale - Available 19-Apr-2021 17:04:23 27-Jun-2022 10:00:13
rps_mns-CRO210147 Gypsy Wood Close Leeds LS15 9DY Colton For Sale - Unavailable 20-Apr-2021 10:05:01 02-Nov-2021 16:00:55
rps_mns-SPR210612 Stanningley Road Leeds LS13 4AW Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 20-Apr-2021 16:05:50 08-Apr-2022 13:00:25
rps_mns-WOR210124 Greenville Gardens Leeds LS12 4TB Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 21-Apr-2021 09:05:36 12-Jul-2021 11:03:46
rps_mns-SPR210026 Cragg View Pool in Wharfedale LS21 1DW Pool In Wharfedale For Sale - Unavailable 22-Apr-2021 12:05:12 14-Dec-2021 09:00:38
rps_mns-CRO210217 The Avenue Crossgates LS15 8JN Crossgates For Sale - Unavailable 29-Apr-2021 12:05:08 17-Jul-2021 15:02:13
rps_mns-MLY210171 Robin Hill Batley WF17 0QP Batley For Sale - Unavailable 30-Apr-2021 17:04:24 29-Jul-2021 13:01:58
rps_mns-FAC200152 Rockwood Road Calverley LS28 5AB Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 04-May-2021 09:05:10 07-May-2021 13:09:42
rps_mns-ROT200104 Park Drive Lofthouse WF3 3ET Lofthouse For Sale - Unavailable 04-May-2021 12:06:18 07-Aug-2021 10:01:39
rps_mns-OAK210191 Red Hall Avenue Wakefield WF1 2FX Newton Hill For Sale - Unavailable 05-May-2021 16:06:18 29-Mar-2022 09:00:36
rps_mns-WOR210147 Highfield Close Leeds LS12 4BB Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 11-May-2021 11:06:07 28-Jun-2021 15:02:29
rps_mns-SPR210280 Broadlands Gardens Pudsey LS28 9GD Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 13-May-2021 09:07:18 27-Jul-2021 17:02:08
rps_mns-BEE210172 Melton Avenue Leeds LS10 4RA Sharp Lane For Sale - Unavailable 14-May-2021 17:05:49 18-Oct-2021 15:00:57
rps_mns-SPR210147 Greenacres Drive Birstall WF17 9RA Birstall For Sale - Available 17-May-2021 14:05:05 29-Jun-2022 16:00:14
rps_mns-ROT210206 Whitecliffe Rise Swillington LS26 8QW Swillington For Sale - Unavailable 19-May-2021 09:04:47 12-Sep-2021 11:05:25
rps_mns-ROT210085 Coronation Street Carlton WF3 3RD Carlton For Sale - Unavailable 19-May-2021 13:05:03 04-Nov-2021 12:00:48
rps_mns-CRO210320 Ash Tree Garth Leeds LS9 6PN Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 22-May-2021 11:05:01 22-May-2021 11:05:01
rps_mns-ROT200621 Summerhill Road Methley LS26 9HU Methley For Sale - Unavailable 27-May-2021 13:04:50 26-Nov-2021 17:01:28
rps_mns-MOO210118 Thackrah Court 1 Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Shadwell For Sale - Available 28-May-2021 10:05:19 27-Jun-2022 09:11:23
rps_mns-ADE210048 Tinshill Lane Cookridge LS16 6DG Adel For Sale - Unavailable 03-Jun-2021 10:04:43 20-Aug-2021 08:02:11
rps_mns-SPR210796 Holt Drive Holt Park LS16 7QE Holt Park For Sale - Unavailable 03-Jun-2021 15:04:24 06-Aug-2021 13:03:27
rps_mns-CRO200485 Oakham Way Leeds LS9 9AL Leeds 9 For Sale - Unavailable 04-Jun-2021 14:05:13 13-Jun-2021 10:03:24
rps_mns-GUI210200 Lea Mill Park Drive Yeadon LS19 7YH Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 04-Jun-2021 16:04:14 05-Jun-2021 09:03:57
rps_mns-SPR190153 Mitchell Mews Clifton Road LS28 7DZ Stanningley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Jun-2021 11:06:13 03-Aug-2021 14:02:27
rps_mns-CRO210215 Garland Drive Leeds LS15 9AR Whitkirk For Sale - Unavailable 10-Jun-2021 09:05:16 11-Sep-2021 15:01:38
rps_mns-FAC210096 Driftholme Road Drighlington BD11 1LR Drighlington For Sale - Unavailable 11-Jun-2021 11:04:05 23-Jul-2021 12:02:57
rps_mns-SPR211346 Primrose Court Primley Park View LS17 7UY Moortown For Sale - Unavailable 14-Jun-2021 10:07:37 20-Jan-2022 19:01:44
rps_mns-ADE180187 Ring Road Lawnswood LS16 6EJ Lawnswood For Sale - Unavailable 17-Jun-2021 11:03:40 27-Oct-2021 13:01:29
rps_mns-SPR201122 Salisbury Road Leeds LS12 2BH Armley For Sale - Unavailable 24-Jun-2021 10:04:54 14-Dec-2021 12:02:04
rps_mns-PUD200634 Dunlop Avenue Leeds LS12 6LE Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 25-Jun-2021 15:06:14 23-Sep-2021 14:01:55
rps_mns-NHO210198 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2021 10:04:04 09-May-2022 14:08:27
rps_mns-FAC210036 Harrogate Road Alwoodley LS17 8EP Alwoodley For Sale - Available 02-Jul-2021 10:04:17 23-Jun-2022 09:09:37
rps_mns-GFT210235 Fieldway Chase Oulton LS26 8HL Oulton For Sale - Unavailable 02-Jul-2021 17:04:12 22-Jul-2021 16:03:15
rps_mns-FEA210047 Silver Royd Grove Leeds LS12 4QT Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 06-Jul-2021 09:06:23 23-Aug-2021 14:02:31
rps_mns-CRO210397 Templegate View Leeds LS15 0HQ Temple Newsam For Sale - Unavailable 06-Jul-2021 15:06:29 09-Oct-2021 13:01:31
rps_mns-SPR211673 Naburn Walk Leeds LS14 2BZ Whinmoor For Sale - Unavailable 15-Jul-2021 14:05:21 29-Sep-2021 12:01:59
rps_mns-HEA210259 Maple Gardens Leeds LS6 1FL Hyde Park For Sale - Unavailable 15-Jul-2021 16:04:03 21-Dec-2021 14:01:51
rps_mns-FAC210097 Lakeland Drive Alwoodley LS17 7PH Alwoodley For Sale - Available 21-Jul-2021 16:03:28 13-Jun-2022 11:07:37
rps_mns-NHO200220 Stonecliffe Drive Leeds LS12 5SE Farnley For Sale - Unavailable 28-Jul-2021 10:04:30 02-Sep-2021 09:03:24
rps_mns-PML210001 Saltaire Court 2 Ripley Close WF3 2FH East Ardsley For Sale - Unavailable 29-Jul-2021 12:05:38 20-Sep-2021 17:02:29
rps_mns-WBY200293 Woodfield Drive Harrogate HG1 4LR Central Harrogate For Sale - Unavailable 01-Aug-2021 13:04:37 29-Dec-2021 13:01:30
rps_mns-OAK210326 Meanwood Road Leeds LS7 2SW Meanwood For Sale - Unavailable 05-Aug-2021 16:05:25 17-Feb-2022 16:01:41
rps_mns-GFT200822 Green Lane Garforth LS25 2QF Garforth For Sale - Unavailable 10-Aug-2021 09:06:09 27-May-2022 16:00:26
rps_mns-SPR211950 Holt Park Crescent Holt Park LS16 7SL Holt Park For Sale - Unavailable 11-Aug-2021 16:04:00 07-Sep-2021 11:03:01
rps_mns-HEA210330 Trinity Hall Holborn Approach LS6 2FD Woodhouse For Sale - Unavailable 11-Aug-2021 16:05:07 17-Nov-2021 16:01:38
rps_mns-ADE180271 East Causeway Vale Adel LS16 8LG Adel For Sale - Unavailable 12-Aug-2021 17:03:44 24-Feb-2022 17:00:50
rps_mns-ADE210180 Bramhope Mews Moor Road LS16 9HJ Bramhope For Sale - Available 16-Aug-2021 16:04:21 15-Jun-2022 13:00:34
rps_mns-MLY210336 Dartmouth Avenue Morley LS27 0DJ Morley For Sale - Unavailable 20-Aug-2021 12:04:39 21-Oct-2021 11:03:33
rps_mns-MLY210357 Seven Hill Way Morley LS27 8FA Morley For Sale - Unavailable 20-Aug-2021 14:04:19 17-Sep-2021 11:02:56
rps_mns-MLY210164 The Balk Upper Batley WF17 0AH Upper Batley For Sale - Unavailable 20-Aug-2021 15:04:35 02-Dec-2021 15:03:30
rps_mns-MLY210359 Upper Batley Lane Batley WF17 0NQ Birstall For Sale - Unavailable 24-Aug-2021 10:04:19 26-Aug-2021 08:03:22
rps_mns-MLL180115 Scotchman Lane Morley LS27 0BQ Morley For Sale - Unavailable 27-Aug-2021 14:09:24 07-Sep-2021 09:03:34
rps_mns-SPR200272 Springbank Rise Farsley LS28 5LP Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 04-Sep-2021 11:03:46 28-Oct-2021 14:02:17
rps_mns-CRO210580 Hertford Fold Leeds LS15 9ET Colton For Sale - Unavailable 09-Sep-2021 11:03:33 19-Sep-2021 11:03:10
rps_mns-WAK210512 Kirkthorpe Lane Kirkthorpe WF1 5SZ Wakefield For Sale - Available 09-Sep-2021 12:03:29 27-Jun-2022 16:00:49
rps_mns-PUD210436 Galloway Court Pudsey LS28 8RA Pudsey For Sale - Available 14-Sep-2021 11:05:29 17-Jun-2022 17:00:41
rps_mns-WOR210329 Lawns Crescent Leeds LS12 5RW New Farnley For Sale - Unavailable 14-Sep-2021 15:04:25 20-Jan-2022 17:03:44
rps_mns-NHO210073 Weavers Beck Green Lane LS19 7XP Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 16-Sep-2021 16:03:47 01-Nov-2021 11:02:15
rps_mns-PUD210751 Lordswood Grange Pudsey LS28 8FA Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 20-Sep-2021 10:03:45 05-Jan-2022 18:02:54
rps_mns-ROT210468 Staithe Avenue Leeds LS10 3LU Middleton For Sale - Unavailable 21-Sep-2021 10:06:01 07-Feb-2022 18:02:06
rps_mns-SPR211866 Lawson Court Farsley LS28 5GS Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 22-Sep-2021 09:03:49 22-Nov-2021 16:02:15
rps_mns-SPR200995 Norman Towers West Park LS16 5ER West Park For Sale - Unavailable 22-Sep-2021 17:04:51 28-Oct-2021 14:02:37
rps_mns-SPR190376 Brooklands Lane Leeds LS14 6QH Seacroft For Sale - Unavailable 23-Sep-2021 08:04:27 24-Mar-2022 17:01:45
rps_mns-PUD210560 Bradford Road Stanningley LS28 7HQ Stanningley For Sale - Available 04-Oct-2021 14:04:40 23-Jun-2022 14:01:24
rps_mns-PUD210844 Owlcotes Road Pudsey LS28 7PA Pudsey For Sale - Available 06-Oct-2021 16:05:02 27-Jun-2022 11:01:22
rps_mns-PUD200700 Tyersal Avenue Bradford BD4 8HJ Tyersal For Sale - Unavailable 07-Oct-2021 15:05:00 25-May-2022 10:01:29
rps_mns-NHO210061 Grove Road Leeds LS15 0LH Halton For Sale - Available 07-Oct-2021 16:03:41 27-Jun-2022 16:01:43
rps_mns-MOO210073 Thackrah Court 1 Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Shadwell For Sale - Available 08-Oct-2021 12:05:02 27-Jun-2022 15:01:31
rps_mns-SPR212295 Novale Way Wakefield WF1 4FE Wakefield For Sale - Unavailable 11-Oct-2021 08:03:52 14-Dec-2021 13:04:21
rps_mns-MOO210283 Thackrah Court Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Shadwell For Sale - Available 14-Oct-2021 11:04:14 04-May-2022 15:02:01
rps_mns-WOR210214 Park Drive Leeds LS12 6JB Wortley For Sale - Available 15-Oct-2021 10:05:13 28-Jun-2022 15:01:25
rps_mns-HEA190082 Harrowby Road Leeds LS16 5HN Far Headingley For Sale - Available 21-Oct-2021 14:04:02 29-Jun-2022 11:01:33
rps_mns-FEA200027 Glendower Park Leeds LS16 8HA Austhorpe For Sale - Unavailable 25-Oct-2021 10:03:53 26-Oct-2021 15:03:30
rps_mns-MOO210268 Thackrah Court 1 Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Alwoodley For Sale - Available 26-Oct-2021 10:04:58 27-Jun-2022 11:01:44
rps_mns-PUD210809 Moorfield Crescent Pudsey LS28 8BR Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 27-Oct-2021 12:07:24 18-Mar-2022 17:02:12
rps_mns-MLY210473 King George Avenue Morley LS27 8NJ Morley For Sale - Unavailable 29-Oct-2021 13:04:14 20-Nov-2021 13:03:07
rps_mns-SPR211719 Wordsworth Drive Oulton LS26 8EP Oulton For Sale - Available 29-Oct-2021 13:04:48 29-Jun-2022 09:01:29
rps_mns-ADE210243 Otley Old Road Adel LS16 6HW Adel For Sale - Unavailable 02-Nov-2021 12:04:02 14-Feb-2022 10:03:00
rps_mns-WAK210791 Brand Hill Drive Crofton WF4 1PF Crofton For Sale - Available 02-Nov-2021 16:04:46 29-Jun-2022 16:01:34
rps_mns-WAK190634 Newton Court Wakefield WF1 3DW Wakefield For Sale - Unavailable 04-Nov-2021 14:04:49 27-Apr-2022 14:01:41
rps_mns-SRD180006 Cemetery Road Pudsey LS28 7HJ Pudsey For Sale - Unavailable 10-Nov-2021 13:03:38 29-Jun-2022 16:01:48
rps_mns-PUD210256 Tong Lane Tong Village BD4 0RP Tong Village For Sale - Unavailable 12-Nov-2021 18:04:12 17-Nov-2021 12:03:03
rps_mns-MOO210307 Primrose Court Primley Park View LS17 7UY Moortown For Sale - Available 13-Nov-2021 13:06:26 28-Jun-2022 15:00:43
rps_mns-HEA210506 Ashville Avenue Leeds LS6 1LX Headingley For Sale - Available 19-Nov-2021 12:03:39 17-Jun-2022 12:00:45
rps_mns-MLY210523 Templar Terrace Morley LS27 0EU Morley For Sale - Available 22-Nov-2021 16:04:39 28-Jun-2022 15:00:54
rps_mns-GUI210578 Shakespeare Road Guiseley LS20 9BR Guiseley For Sale - Available 23-Nov-2021 16:04:53 16-Jun-2022 13:01:15
rps_mns-WOR210386 Green Hill Chase Leeds LS12 4HF Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 30-Nov-2021 15:07:44 29-Dec-2021 12:04:31
rps_mns-WBY210299 Coxwold Hill Wetherby LS22 7PX Wetherby For Sale - Available 02-Dec-2021 18:06:43 21-Jun-2022 09:00:56
rps_mns-WOR210395 Barras Fold Leeds LS12 4ES Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 03-Dec-2021 11:07:35 31-Mar-2022 11:02:45
rps_mns-HOR210368 Stanhope Court Brownberrie Lane LS18 5SR Horsforth For Sale - Available 03-Dec-2021 13:07:38 22-Jun-2022 09:01:08
rps_mns-HEA210502 St. Michaels Crescent Leeds LS6 3AL Headingley For Sale - Available 06-Dec-2021 12:08:05 29-Jun-2022 10:01:16
rps_mns-PUD100462 Inghams Terrace Pudsey LS28 7UL Pudsey For Sale - Available 06-Dec-2021 17:08:55 28-Jun-2022 15:01:27
rps_mns-ROT210575 Woodland Drive Swillington LS26 8DW Swillington For Sale - Unavailable 07-Dec-2021 16:09:25 08-Dec-2021 15:07:12
rps_mns-WOR210408 Prince Edward Road Leeds LS12 6LD Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 08-Dec-2021 16:08:46 17-Dec-2021 15:05:33
rps_mns-WAK210848 Gordon Street Wakefield WF1 5AT Agbrigg For Sale - Available 20-Dec-2021 11:07:51 29-Jun-2022 09:01:25
rps_mns-NHO200578 Harrogate Road Alwoodley LS17 8DP Alwoodley For Sale - Available 22-Dec-2021 11:05:12 29-Jun-2022 13:01:38
rps_mns-HEA210481 Cardigan Road Leeds LS6 1QL Headingley For Sale - Unavailable 24-Dec-2021 12:06:08 29-Dec-2021 11:05:27
rps_mns-ROT210519 Park Lane Rothwell LS26 0EY Rothwell For Sale - Available 04-Jan-2022 16:06:40 23-Jun-2022 10:01:50
rps_mns-SPR201154 Far Reef Close Horsforth LS18 5AX Horsforth For Sale - Unavailable 05-Jan-2022 14:05:48 05-Jan-2022 17:06:04
rps_mns-OAK210321 The Drive Roundhay LS8 1JF Roundhay For Sale - Unavailable 08-Jan-2022 09:05:13 28-Mar-2022 09:04:03
rps_mns-MLY210563 Salisbury Mews Tingley WF3 1WA Tingley For Sale - Unavailable 17-Jan-2022 18:06:34 19-May-2022 16:02:33
rps_mns-PUD200134 High Street Farsley LS28 5LH Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 18-Jan-2022 17:06:43 21-Jan-2022 18:06:27
rps_mns-FAC220012 Harrogate Road Alwoodley LS17 7AE Alwoodley For Sale - Available 20-Jan-2022 15:06:07 28-Jun-2022 13:01:57
rps_mns-FAC210203 King Lane Leeds LS17 5PP Moortown For Sale - Available 21-Jan-2022 10:06:09 28-Jun-2022 13:01:59
rps_mns-GUI220029 Shakespeare Road Guiseley LS20 9BR Guiseley For Sale - Available 25-Jan-2022 11:07:10 29-Jun-2022 14:02:13
rps_mns-MOO210263 Plantation Gardens Leeds LS17 8SX Alwoodley For Sale - Available 27-Jan-2022 15:07:04 29-Jun-2022 12:03:14
rps_mns-CRO210846 Hunters Court Hunters Way LS15 0LB Halton For Sale - Available 28-Jan-2022 14:08:30 28-Jun-2022 16:03:59
rps_mns-FAC210005 Scholars Way Colton LS15 9BN Colton For Sale - Available 28-Jan-2022 16:08:26 25-Jun-2022 15:02:04
rps_mns-PML210097 Trelawn Place Leeds LS6 3JP Headingley For Sale - Available 31-Jan-2022 11:07:09 29-Jun-2022 10:02:26
rps_mns-GFT180140 Wakefield Road Garforth LS25 1AT Garforth For Sale - Unavailable 31-Jan-2022 14:06:43 14-Jun-2022 11:02:22
rps_mns-NHO210025 Stonebridge Avenue Leeds LS12 5AL Farnley For Sale - Available 31-Jan-2022 17:07:12 27-Jun-2022 16:03:25
rps_mns-PUD211027 Woodhall Hills Calverley LS28 5QY Calverley For Sale - Available 01-Feb-2022 11:06:00 28-Jun-2022 11:03:13
rps_mns-GUI220022 Shakespeare Road Guiseley LS20 9BR Guiseley For Sale - Available 01-Feb-2022 16:08:48 29-Jun-2022 10:02:31
rps_mns-PUD210043 Ashfield Road Stanningley LS28 6AF Pudsey/Stanningley Border For Sale - Available 03-Feb-2022 10:07:54 27-Jun-2022 16:03:48
rps_mns-CRO220029 Whinmoor Way Leeds LS14 5NE Stanks For Sale - Available 03-Feb-2022 13:07:12 25-May-2022 16:03:25
rps_mns-MOO220003 Crescent Gardens Leeds LS17 8DR Alwoodley For Sale - Available 07-Feb-2022 13:07:13 21-Jun-2022 16:02:34
rps_mns-FEA220001 Whinmoor Way Leeds LS14 5FD Stanks For Sale - Available 07-Feb-2022 16:08:34 29-Jun-2022 15:02:49
rps_mns-MLY220052 Forest Ridge East Ardsley WF3 2EU East Ardsley For Sale - Available 09-Feb-2022 12:08:07 20-Jun-2022 10:02:21
rps_mns-SPR220297 Carr Road Calverley LS28 5RH Calverley For Sale - Unavailable 09-Feb-2022 15:07:29 12-Apr-2022 10:04:55
rps_mns-GFT220057 Church Lane Garforth LS25 1NR Garforth For Sale - Available 09-Feb-2022 17:07:18 21-Jun-2022 14:02:06
rps_mns-PML220011 New Forest Way New Forest Village LS10 4GH New Forest Village For Sale - Unavailable 10-Feb-2022 18:08:05 26-Feb-2022 11:05:01
rps_mns-ROT210456 Meadowgate Vale Lofthouse WF3 3SP Carlton For Sale - Unavailable 11-Feb-2022 11:07:31 04-Apr-2022 16:04:21
rps_mns-MLY210524 High Street Hanging Heaton WF17 6DR Batley For Sale - Available 14-Feb-2022 15:06:27 26-Jun-2022 11:01:54
rps_mns-MOO220015 Wigton Green Alwoodley LS17 8QR Alwoodley For Sale - Available 14-Feb-2022 18:05:59 29-Jun-2022 10:02:19
rps_mns-BEE170011 Cross Flatts Parade Leeds LS11 7JL Beeston For Sale - Unavailable 15-Feb-2022 17:08:59 17-May-2022 08:03:22
rps_mns-MOO220037 Thackrah Court 1 Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Shadwell For Sale - Available 15-Feb-2022 18:06:25 08-Jun-2022 10:03:06
rps_mns-SPR220176 Millard Way East Ardsley WF3 2EA East Ardsley For Sale - Unavailable 16-Feb-2022 15:06:45 06-Jun-2022 16:02:49
rps_mns-WBY220037 Pentagon Way Wetherby LS22 6AU Wetherby For Sale - Unavailable 16-Feb-2022 16:07:26 28-Apr-2022 15:03:28
rps_mns-FEA220012 Fawcett Lane Leeds LS12 4PF Wortley For Sale - Available 16-Feb-2022 18:06:21 27-Jun-2022 16:03:47
rps_mns-PUD210189 Waterloo Road Pudsey LS28 7PW Pudsey For Sale - Available 17-Feb-2022 17:07:22 20-Jun-2022 12:03:09
rps_mns-NHO210212 Bankhouse Lane Pudsey LS28 8LR Pudsey For Sale - Available 18-Feb-2022 11:06:30 29-Jun-2022 08:03:41
rps_mns-WAK220033 Windhill Road Wakefield WF1 4JB Eastmoor For Sale - Unavailable 18-Feb-2022 11:07:36 04-May-2022 15:07:48
rps_mns-FEA220024 Bankhouse Lane Pudsey LS28 8LR Pudsey For Sale - Available 18-Feb-2022 12:07:39 14-Jun-2022 09:02:48
rps_mns-FAC170098 Ling Lane Scarcroft LS14 3HX Scarcroft For Sale - Available 19-Feb-2022 11:05:32 29-Jun-2022 17:02:49
rps_mns-WBY210110 The Ridge Linton LS22 4HJ Linton For Sale - Available 21-Feb-2022 12:07:10 06-Jun-2022 13:02:39
rps_mns-ROT220066 The Locks Woodlesford LS26 8PU Woodlesford For Sale - Available 21-Feb-2022 12:09:47 27-Jun-2022 11:03:24
rps_mns-ADE160107 Holt Park Green Holt Park LS16 7RE Holt Park For Sale - Available 22-Feb-2022 11:06:03 24-Jun-2022 17:02:35
rps_mns-WOR220061 Gilpin Terrace Leeds LS12 1HL Armley For Sale - Available 22-Feb-2022 12:09:46 24-Jun-2022 13:02:55
rps_mns-PML220016 Croft House View Morley LS27 8NS Morley For Sale - Available 23-Feb-2022 09:06:45 23-Jun-2022 09:03:22
rps_mns-CRO220110 Asket Green Leeds LS14 1AA Seacroft For Sale - Available 23-Feb-2022 10:07:20 27-Jun-2022 16:04:04
rps_mns-BEE220089 The Links Beeston LS11 5BF Beeston For Sale - Unavailable 23-Feb-2022 12:09:15 13-Jun-2022 15:03:34
rps_mns-WAK210372 Hollin Drive Durkar WF4 3PR Durkar For Sale - Available 23-Feb-2022 15:07:51 19-May-2022 15:03:51
rps_mns-GUI210377 West Parade Guiseley LS20 9EU Guiseley For Sale - Available 23-Feb-2022 16:08:35 23-Jun-2022 10:03:32
rps_mns-PML220017 Bramble Mews 569 Shadwell Lane LS17 8AY Shadwell For Sale - Available 24-Feb-2022 13:07:46 29-Jun-2022 16:03:30
rps_mns-SPR220443 Paisley Place Leeds LS12 3JZ Armley For Sale - Available 24-Feb-2022 15:08:34 21-Jun-2022 14:03:03
rps_mns-ROT220010 Middleton Avenue Rothwell LS26 0SE Rothwell For Sale - Available 25-Feb-2022 15:08:01 16-Jun-2022 14:02:46
rps_mns-MOO220002 Thackrah Court Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Shadwell Lane For Sale - Available 28-Feb-2022 16:08:16 04-May-2022 15:07:54
rps_mns-PUD220162 Hare Park Mount Leeds LS12 5LR Farnley For Sale - Available 28-Feb-2022 17:07:09 29-Jun-2022 13:03:27
rps_mns-SPR220403 Cross Flatts Crescent Leeds LS11 7JP Beeston For Sale - Unavailable 28-Feb-2022 18:07:15 27-May-2022 15:03:29
rps_mns-WBY180248 Healaugh Tadcaster LS24 8BU Tadcaster For Sale - Available 02-Mar-2022 11:05:50 27-Jun-2022 11:04:14
rps_mns-SPR181228 Shire Oak Road Leeds LS6 2DB Headingley For Sale - Available 02-Mar-2022 11:06:48 29-Jun-2022 11:03:49
rps_mns-CRO220091 Dunhill Crescent Leeds LS9 0EN Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 05-Mar-2022 14:05:51 28-Jun-2022 09:03:01
rps_mns-HOR220069 Brownberrie Lane Horsforth LS18 5SR Horsforth For Sale - Available 07-Mar-2022 10:06:53 21-Jun-2022 17:02:40
rps_mns-FEA220035 Spring Valley Drive Bramley LS13 4RN Bramley For Sale - Unavailable 07-Mar-2022 18:06:43 29-Mar-2022 10:06:30
rps_mns-SPR220521 Tudor Way Beeston LS11 8LR Beeston For Sale - Available 08-Mar-2022 18:08:24 10-Jun-2022 15:03:45
rps_mns-GFT170100 Ninelands Lane Garforth LS25 1NT Garforth For Sale - Available 10-Mar-2022 12:06:33 22-Jun-2022 16:04:31
rps_mns-PUD210548 Cemetery Road Pudsey LS28 7HJ Pudsey For Sale - Available 10-Mar-2022 15:06:50 22-Jun-2022 15:03:42
rps_mns-ADE150119 The Grange Otley Road LS16 6EY Adel For Sale - Available 11-Mar-2022 10:06:23 20-Jun-2022 15:03:30
rps_mns-SPR220409 Bright Street East Ardsley WF3 2BQ East Ardsley For Sale - Available 11-Mar-2022 10:07:19 16-Jun-2022 14:03:46
rps_mns-FEA220033 Stonecliffe Green Leeds LS12 5BB Farnley For Sale - Available 11-Mar-2022 14:07:31 28-Jun-2022 15:03:38
rps_mns-ADE220060 Latchmere Road West Park LS16 5DF West Park For Sale - Available 11-Mar-2022 16:07:35 27-Jun-2022 09:03:27
rps_mns-ROT220102 Marsh Street Rothwell LS26 0AE Rothwell For Sale - Available 11-Mar-2022 18:06:13 21-Jun-2022 11:03:31
rps_mns-OAK030011 Street Lane Roundhay LS8 2ET Roundhay For Sale - Available 12-Mar-2022 09:05:13 25-Jun-2022 10:03:23
rps_mns-BEE220121 Recreation Place Leeds LS11 0AN Holbeck For Sale - Unavailable 12-Mar-2022 10:07:14 13-Apr-2022 18:05:45
rps_mns-WAK200062 Canal Lane Lofthouse WF3 3HN Carlton For Sale - Available 14-Mar-2022 12:08:03 14-Jun-2022 10:04:04
rps_mns-MOO180518 Linton Crescent Leeds LS17 8PZ Alwoodley For Sale - Available 14-Mar-2022 14:07:07 29-Jun-2022 13:03:46
rps_mns-FEA220018 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 14-Mar-2022 15:07:43 21-Jun-2022 16:04:30
rps_mns-OAK220166 Old Park Road Roundhay LS8 1JB Roundhay For Sale - Available 16-Mar-2022 13:07:02 23-Jun-2022 12:04:21
rps_mns-GFT210131 Braemar Drive Garforth LS25 2NH Garforth For Sale - Available 16-Mar-2022 15:06:28 22-Jun-2022 16:04:59
rps_mns-SPR220293 Greystones Close Aberford LS25 3AR Aberford For Sale - Available 17-Mar-2022 15:06:47 24-Jun-2022 08:04:03
rps_mns-MLY210516 Garnet Avenue Leeds LS11 5JR Beeston For Sale - Available 18-Mar-2022 11:08:13 18-Jun-2022 14:03:21
rps_mns-WBY220060 Chapel Street Hillam LS25 5HP Hillam For Sale - Available 18-Mar-2022 16:06:49 29-Jun-2022 18:03:20
rps_mns-SPR202765 Church Street Morley LS27 8LY Morley For Sale - Available 21-Mar-2022 12:08:59 28-Jun-2022 16:06:36
rps_mns-WAK220167 Meadowcroft Road Outwood WF1 3TA Wakefield For Sale - Available 21-Mar-2022 15:07:13 29-Jun-2022 13:04:05
rps_mns-CRO220189 Levens Place Leeds LS15 0AX Halton Moor For Sale - Available 22-Mar-2022 11:08:20 27-Jun-2022 15:04:16
rps_mns-SPR201515 Rockwood Hill Court Calverley LS28 5WD Calverley For Sale - Available 23-Mar-2022 15:06:33 27-Jun-2022 16:05:45
rps_mns-PUD220244 Earlswood Mead Pudsey LS28 8QY Pudsey For Sale - Available 24-Mar-2022 12:08:35 29-Jun-2022 16:05:08
rps_mns-MOO090941 Bridge Court Harrogate Road LS17 9LW Harewood For Sale - Available 25-Mar-2022 13:06:33 29-Jun-2022 10:04:25
rps_mns-FAC210064 Newsam Green Road Woodlesford LS26 8AG Woodlesford For Sale - Available 25-Mar-2022 16:07:05 16-Jun-2022 14:04:14
rps_mns-MLY070932 Springfield Avenue Morley LS27 9PP Morley For Sale - Available 28-Mar-2022 09:09:21 22-Jun-2022 16:05:15
rps_mns-SPR211089 Linton Drive Leeds LS17 8QL Alwoodley For Sale - Available 28-Mar-2022 17:06:55 28-Jun-2022 13:03:49
rps_mns-NHO220046 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 29-Mar-2022 12:08:22 24-Jun-2022 09:04:32
rps_mns-SPR212321 Rosefield Avenue Woolley Grange S75 5FG Haigh For Sale - Available 29-Mar-2022 16:08:34 23-Jun-2022 11:04:47
rps_mns-HEA170060 Shire Oak Road Leeds LS6 2DD Headingley For Sale - Available 29-Mar-2022 17:07:46 29-Jun-2022 16:04:56
rps_mns-MOO220104 The Fairway Leeds LS17 7QJ Alwoodley For Sale - Available 30-Mar-2022 10:07:33 28-Jun-2022 13:03:58
rps_mns-WAK210768 Royal Troon Mews Wakefield WF1 4JL Wakefield For Sale - Unavailable 30-Mar-2022 12:10:11 16-Jun-2022 15:04:27
rps_mns-ROT220132 The Woodlands Farrer Lane LS26 8HW Oulton For Sale - Available 30-Mar-2022 16:08:22 16-Jun-2022 14:04:47
rps_mns-FAC210086 Newsam Green Pontefract Lane LS15 9AD Colton For Sale - Available 30-Mar-2022 17:06:37 13-Jun-2022 08:04:50
rps_mns-CRO220180 Asket Garth Leeds LS14 1JA Seacroft For Sale - Available 31-Mar-2022 09:09:15 14-Jun-2022 15:04:16
rps_mns-SPR211371 Spring Lane Kearby LS22 4DA Kearby For Sale - Available 31-Mar-2022 12:08:26 27-Jun-2022 15:04:36
rps_mns-ROT220177 Leventhorpe Way Oulton LS26 8NH Oulton For Sale - Available 31-Mar-2022 16:08:10 14-Jun-2022 11:05:21
rps_mns-GFT220088 Derwent Avenue Garforth LS25 1HS Garforth For Sale - Available 31-Mar-2022 16:08:13 23-Jun-2022 15:05:00
rps_mns-WBY220095 Walton Gates Thorp Arch LS23 7DP Thorp Arch For Sale - Available 01-Apr-2022 15:07:35 29-Jun-2022 16:05:18
rps_mns-GFT220143 Alandale Crescent Garforth LS25 1DH Garforth For Sale - Available 02-Apr-2022 13:07:45 22-Jun-2022 14:04:37
rps_mns-WAK220191 Old Road Overton WF4 4QX Flockton For Sale - Available 04-Apr-2022 09:08:06 23-Jun-2022 11:05:09
rps_mns-GUI220169 Hoyle Court Avenue Baildon BD17 6EY Baildon For Sale - Available 04-Apr-2022 12:08:19 29-Jun-2022 09:04:34
rps_mns-GUI210622 Pennythorne Drive Yeadon LS19 7DS Yeadon For Sale - Unavailable 05-Apr-2022 09:08:11 25-Apr-2022 09:06:47
rps_mns-WAK091094 The Crescent Netherton WF4 4ND Netherton For Sale - Available 05-Apr-2022 09:08:50 21-Jun-2022 12:05:12
rps_mns-SPR220560 Lakeland Way Walton WF2 6TG Sandal For Sale - Available 05-Apr-2022 10:07:57 27-Jun-2022 10:05:16
rps_mns-GUI220175 Oxford Avenue Guiseley LS20 9BW Guiseley For Sale - Available 05-Apr-2022 11:09:06 27-Jun-2022 17:04:30
rps_mns-OAK210507 Bowood Crescent Leeds LS7 2PY Meanwood For Sale - Available 06-Apr-2022 11:08:14 28-Jun-2022 14:05:01
rps_mns-ROT130297 Sherwood Gardens Robin Hood WF3 3BA Robin Hood For Sale - Available 06-Apr-2022 15:09:14 22-Jun-2022 11:06:03
rps_mns-NHO200580 Sandgate House Harrogate Road LS17 8DP Alwoodley For Sale - Available 06-Apr-2022 16:08:09 29-Jun-2022 14:04:50
rps_mns-WOR220077 Honeybourne Road Wortley LS12 6BP Wortley For Sale - Available 07-Apr-2022 12:09:39 29-Jun-2022 16:05:42
rps_mns-SPR220628 Brookside Collingham LS22 5AN Collingham For Sale - Available 07-Apr-2022 14:08:00 21-Jun-2022 16:05:46
rps_mns-HOR220157 Haigh Wood Green Cookridge LS16 6PE Cookridge For Sale - Available 07-Apr-2022 14:08:31 18-Jun-2022 11:04:08
rps_mns-PUD210992 Highfield Road Pudsey LS28 7JN Pudsey For Sale - Available 07-Apr-2022 15:10:14 15-Jun-2022 12:05:56
rps_mns-GFT220144 Waddle Road Micklefield LS25 4EP Micklefield For Sale - Available 08-Apr-2022 14:08:51 22-Jun-2022 16:06:21
rps_mns-CRO220289 Ash Tree Garth Leeds LS9 6PN Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 08-Apr-2022 14:10:03 27-Jun-2022 15:05:11
rps_mns-PUD220237 Henconner Lane Bramley LS13 4JH Bramley For Sale - Available 08-Apr-2022 14:10:11 24-Jun-2022 11:05:40
rps_mns-WOR220160 Forest Bank Gildersome LS27 7AD Morley For Sale - Available 08-Apr-2022 15:11:08 16-Jun-2022 15:04:33
rps_mns-PUD210777 Richardshaw Lane Pudsey LS28 7EL Pudsey For Sale - Available 08-Apr-2022 16:12:03 27-Jun-2022 10:05:49
rps_mns-WBY210326 Church Street Boston Spa LS23 6DW Boston Spa For Sale - Unavailable 08-Apr-2022 20:07:58 28-Jun-2022 20:05:06
rps_mns-OAK220176 Rosewood Court 18 Park Avenue LS8 2BL Oakwood For Sale - Available 09-Apr-2022 08:08:37 21-Jun-2022 11:05:00
rps_mns-NHO200089 Ramsdens Grove Guiseley LS20 9HP Guiseley For Sale - Available 10-Apr-2022 15:07:37 21-Jun-2022 10:04:54
rps_mns-NHO200083 Ramsdens Grove Guiseley LS20 9HP Guiseley For Sale - Available 10-Apr-2022 15:07:37 28-Jun-2022 16:07:57
rps_mns-NHO200081 Ramsdens Grove Guiseley LS20 9HP Guiseley For Sale - Available 10-Apr-2022 15:07:39 21-Jun-2022 10:04:55
rps_mns-NHO200088 Ramsdens Grove Guiseley LS20 9HP Guiseley For Sale - Available 10-Apr-2022 15:07:51 29-Jun-2022 17:04:54
rps_mns-NHO200086 Ramsdens Grove Guiseley LS20 9HP Guiseley For Sale - Available 10-Apr-2022 15:07:51 28-Jun-2022 12:06:44
rps_mns-HOR060591 Kepstorn Close Leeds LS5 3EL Kirkstall For Sale - Available 12-Apr-2022 14:08:52 16-Jun-2022 14:04:59
rps_mns-BEE220203 Hopewell View Leeds LS10 3TE Middleton For Sale - Unavailable 12-Apr-2022 21:08:23 28-Apr-2022 18:06:20
rps_mns-SPR200824 Badminton Drive Leeds LS10 4UN Middleton For Sale - Available 13-Apr-2022 10:08:13 28-Jun-2022 16:08:22
rps_mns-SPR211839 Reedsdale Gardens Gildersome LS27 7JD Gildersome For Sale - Available 13-Apr-2022 11:08:48 14-Jun-2022 14:04:58
rps_mns-WAK220171 Hillcroft Pontefract WF8 3SR Carleton For Sale - Available 14-Apr-2022 16:07:39 23-Jun-2022 16:05:46
rps_mns-WAK220267 Rooks Nest Road Wakefield WF1 3DZ Wakefield For Sale - Available 14-Apr-2022 16:09:37 27-Jun-2022 09:04:51
rps_mns-MTL180196 Eden Gardens Leeds LS4 2TQ Burley For Sale - Available 14-Apr-2022 17:08:18 24-Jun-2022 13:05:11
rps_mns-WBY220124 Croft Drive Bramham LS23 6RJ Bramham For Sale - Available 19-Apr-2022 11:08:47 29-Jun-2022 15:04:48
rps_mns-ADE190007 Gainsborough Drive Adel LS16 7PE Adel For Sale - Available 19-Apr-2022 13:08:11 28-Jun-2022 15:05:17
rps_mns-ROT200188 Windmill Chase Rothwell LS26 0XB Rothwell For Sale - Available 19-Apr-2022 16:08:25 28-Jun-2022 17:05:44
rps_mns-WBY210218 High Street Boston Spa LS23 6EA Boston Spa For Sale - Available 20-Apr-2022 15:07:22 28-Jun-2022 14:05:19
rps_mns-PUD220422 Chandlers Wharf Rodley LS13 1PX Rodley For Sale - Available 21-Apr-2022 11:09:30 27-Jun-2022 15:05:37
rps_mns-NHO200379 Main Street Methley LS26 9JE Methley For Sale - Available 21-Apr-2022 13:08:54 22-Apr-2022 15:07:32
rps_mns-NHO210245 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 22-Apr-2022 10:10:59 21-Jun-2022 16:06:07
rps_mns-NHO200374 Main Street Methley LS26 9JE Methley For Sale - Available 22-Apr-2022 10:11:21 22-Apr-2022 15:07:36
rps_mns-SPR220787 Batley Road Tingley WF3 1HE Tingley For Sale - Available 22-Apr-2022 13:07:58 24-Jun-2022 13:05:33
rps_mns-OAK170608 Oakwood Lane Oakwood LS8 2PE Oakwood For Sale - Available 22-Apr-2022 15:07:03 22-Jun-2022 10:07:30
rps_mns-GFT220173 Mapplewell Road Castleford WF10 2PZ Castleford For Sale - Available 22-Apr-2022 17:08:36 24-Jun-2022 08:05:42
rps_mns-CRO220115 Morritt Drive Leeds LS15 7HZ Halton For Sale - Available 25-Apr-2022 09:08:43 29-Jun-2022 18:04:26
rps_mns-SPR220072 Horbury Road Wakefield WF2 8BG Wakefield For Sale - Available 25-Apr-2022 10:08:19 22-Jun-2022 11:06:45
rps_mns-SPR160354 Elder Road Leeds LS13 4BY Bramley For Sale - Available 25-Apr-2022 11:09:19 29-Jun-2022 08:06:50
rps_mns-WAK220241 Buttermere Croft Walton WF2 6TL Walton For Sale - Available 25-Apr-2022 16:09:08 28-Jun-2022 15:05:49
rps_mns-SPR220822 Shancara Court Tingley WF3 1JP Tingley For Sale - Available 27-Apr-2022 10:08:37 24-Jun-2022 11:06:16
rps_mns-WOR220156 Second Avenue Leeds LS12 1LB Armley For Sale - Available 27-Apr-2022 16:10:25 22-Jun-2022 15:06:16
rps_mns-MOO220100 Valley Close Leeds LS17 7NN Alwoodley For Sale - Available 27-Apr-2022 17:07:36 27-Jun-2022 16:07:29
rps_mns-FAC210070 Manor House Lane Alwoodley LS17 9JD Alwoodley For Sale - Unavailable 28-Apr-2022 09:07:17 31-May-2022 08:07:11
rps_mns-HOR220174 Woodhall Drive Kirkstall LS5 3LG Kirkstall For Sale - Available 28-Apr-2022 10:07:46 23-Jun-2022 17:05:59
rps_mns-GFT220204 Lowther Terrace Swillington Common LS15 4LF Swillington Common For Sale - Available 28-Apr-2022 12:08:18 27-Jun-2022 15:06:00
rps_mns-SPR220886 Westerton Road Tingley WF3 1PZ Tingley For Sale - Available 28-Apr-2022 14:08:44 28-Jun-2022 09:05:51
rps_mns-HEA210373 Grove Lane Leeds LS6 2BE Headingley For Sale - Available 28-Apr-2022 15:07:44 29-Jun-2022 12:07:31
rps_mns-CRO220248 Park Road Leeds LS15 9AJ Colton For Sale - Available 28-Apr-2022 16:07:50 07-Jun-2022 10:06:18
rps_mns-WAK220274 Canal Lane Stanley WF3 4EE Stanley For Sale - Available 29-Apr-2022 09:08:54 28-Jun-2022 10:06:13
rps_mns-FAC220024 Naylor Court Yeadon LS19 7FF Yeadon For Sale - Available 29-Apr-2022 10:07:36 23-Jun-2022 11:06:47
rps_mns-SPR220666 Elmwood Avenue Barwick in Elmet LS15 4JT Barwick In Elmet For Sale - Available 29-Apr-2022 15:07:42 27-Jun-2022 16:07:50
rps_mns-ROT220201 Hawthorn Croft Lofthouse WF3 3ST Carlton For Sale - Available 29-Apr-2022 16:08:51 21-Jun-2022 11:05:52
rps_mns-NHO200582 Sandgate House Harrogate Road LS17 8DP Alwoodley For Sale - Available 03-May-2022 10:08:14 14-Jun-2022 16:06:54
rps_mns-FEA141446 Greenmoor Close Lofthouse WF3 3LF Lofthouse For Sale - Available 03-May-2022 12:09:49 23-Jun-2022 13:07:16
rps_mns-GUI220248 Glenmere Mount Yeadon LS19 7AZ Yeadon For Sale - Available 03-May-2022 12:10:01 28-Jun-2022 12:07:36
rps_mns-PUD140464 Rockwood Road Calverley LS28 5AA Calverley For Sale - Available 03-May-2022 13:08:10 29-Jun-2022 12:07:53
rps_mns-SPR220940 Bruntcliffe Close Morley LS27 0NG Morley For Sale - Available 05-May-2022 10:08:53 25-Jun-2022 10:06:06
rps_mns-MLY220231 The Kingsville St. Andrews Place LS27 0QG Bruntcliffe For Sale - Unavailable 05-May-2022 15:08:24 23-May-2022 17:06:11
rps_mns-ROT220200 Parkways Close Leeds LS26 8TT Oulton For Sale - Available 05-May-2022 17:08:10 29-Jun-2022 14:06:20
rps_mns-WBY220154 Allanfield Terrace Wetherby LS22 7QG Wetherby For Sale - Available 05-May-2022 17:08:23 28-Jun-2022 14:06:46
rps_mns-WBY210017 The Avenue Harewood LS17 9LD Harewood For Sale - Available 06-May-2022 09:07:24 29-Jun-2022 11:07:11
rps_mns-WAK070783 Virginia Gardens Lofthouse WF3 3TE Lofthouse For Sale - Available 06-May-2022 09:07:54 15-Jun-2022 11:06:22
rps_mns-CRO140768 Cross Gates Road Leeds LS15 7NR Crossgates For Sale - Available 06-May-2022 09:08:55 29-Jun-2022 12:08:16
rps_mns-NHO210229 Stonebridge Avenue Farnley LS12 5AL Farnley For Sale - Available 06-May-2022 13:07:43 06-Jun-2022 13:06:23
rps_mns-PUD220418 Thornfield Avenue Farsley LS28 5HJ Farsley For Sale - Unavailable 06-May-2022 16:09:12 10-May-2022 09:07:22
rps_mns-MOO220156 Lady Park Court Leeds LS17 8TZ Alwoodley For Sale - Available 06-May-2022 16:09:33 29-Jun-2022 11:06:22
rps_mns-SPR211710 Meadow Way Alwoodley LS17 7QZ Alwoodley For Sale - Available 07-May-2022 13:07:16 29-Jun-2022 10:05:52
rps_mns-BEE220218 Waincliffe Crescent Leeds LS11 8EU Beeston For Sale - Available 07-May-2022 13:08:04 28-Jun-2022 15:06:12
rps_mns-BEE220233 Sunnyview Avenue Leeds LS11 8QY Beeston For Sale - Available 09-May-2022 16:10:25 13-Jun-2022 12:07:29
rps_mns-ROT220266 Thirsk Grove Leeds LS10 4UH New Forest Village For Sale - Unavailable 09-May-2022 17:08:40 10-May-2022 11:07:53
rps_mns-MLY220243 Rein Road Morley LS27 0HZ Morley For Sale - Available 10-May-2022 13:07:34 24-Jun-2022 12:06:35
rps_mns-ROT210406 Eshald Lane Woodlesford LS26 8LR Woodlesford For Sale - Available 10-May-2022 14:08:27 23-Jun-2022 16:07:15
rps_mns-CRO220246 Brooklands Avenue Leeds LS14 6RU Seacroft For Sale - Available 10-May-2022 15:09:08 28-Jun-2022 16:09:10
rps_mns-HOR220196 New Line Greengates BD10 0BN Greengates For Sale - Available 11-May-2022 14:09:52 28-Jun-2022 16:09:13
rps_mns-FEA220058 Ironstone Gardens Leeds LS12 6LH New Farnley For Sale - Available 11-May-2022 17:08:33 29-Jun-2022 12:08:12
rps_mns-WAK220288 Ruskin Avenue Wakefield WF1 2BG Newton Hill For Sale - Available 12-May-2022 08:07:57 21-Jun-2022 12:06:40
rps_mns-FEA160117 Allenby Drive Leeds LS11 5RX Beeston For Sale - Unavailable 12-May-2022 09:09:20 22-Jun-2022 15:07:11
rps_mns-WAK220200 Whitehall Crescent Wakefield WF1 2AF Wakefield For Sale - Available 12-May-2022 12:08:40 29-Jun-2022 11:06:50
rps_mns-FEA220044 Whitehall Road Leeds LS12 6HB Wortley For Sale - Available 12-May-2022 16:08:36 24-Jun-2022 12:06:46
rps_mns-HEA140536 Latchmere Cross Leeds LS16 5DU Far Headingley For Sale - Available 12-May-2022 17:08:05 29-Jun-2022 10:06:23
rps_mns-MOO220185 Deanswood Garth Leeds LS17 5JT Moortown For Sale - Available 12-May-2022 17:08:40 28-Jun-2022 15:06:44
rps_mns-CRO220239 Cross Green Lane Halton LS15 7SB Halton For Sale - Available 13-May-2022 08:07:50 28-Jun-2022 08:07:05
rps_mns-SPR220981 Turnberry Gardens Tingley WF3 1AD Tingley For Sale - Available 13-May-2022 13:07:27 27-Jun-2022 10:07:12
rps_mns-OAK210035 Belle Vue Avenue Oakwood LS8 2NN Oakwood For Sale - Available 13-May-2022 13:07:52 26-Jun-2022 10:05:35
rps_mns-SPR212182 The Oval Dewsbury WF13 4HR Dewsbury For Sale - Available 13-May-2022 15:08:01 27-Jun-2022 10:07:17
rps_mns-NHO220033 Rathmell Road Leeds LS15 0NZ Halton For Sale - Available 13-May-2022 15:08:17 27-Jun-2022 16:08:22
rps_mns-MOO080817 Middlethorne Close Leeds LS17 8SD Shadwell Lane For Sale - Available 13-May-2022 16:07:57 24-Jun-2022 16:06:53
rps_mns-HOR130617 The Old Sunday School The Strone BD10 0NZ Apperley Bridge For Sale - Available 14-May-2022 12:07:53 28-Jun-2022 09:06:41
rps_mns-WAK220231 Thornes Moor Road Wakefield WF2 8PX Thornes For Sale - Available 16-May-2022 09:08:52 27-Jun-2022 12:08:35
rps_mns-HOR220214 Low Lane Horsforth LS18 4GS Horsforth For Sale - Available 16-May-2022 09:09:12 22-Jun-2022 13:07:05
rps_mns-HOR100413 Tinshill Road Cookridge LS16 7DR Cookridge For Sale - Available 16-May-2022 14:09:16 27-Jun-2022 08:07:31
rps_mns-HOR220213 Newlay Wood Rise Horsforth LS18 4LY Horsforth For Sale - Available 17-May-2022 11:08:48 23-Jun-2022 17:07:04
rps_mns-HOR220198 Church Street Kirkstall LS5 3HZ Kirkstall For Sale - Available 17-May-2022 12:09:48 29-Jun-2022 09:07:00
rps_mns-SPR200442 Wetherby Road Bardsey LS17 9BD Bardsey For Sale - Available 17-May-2022 15:08:18 29-Jun-2022 16:07:36
rps_mns-WBY220109 Oak Road Cowthorpe LS22 5EY Cowthorpe For Sale - Available 17-May-2022 16:09:21 29-Jun-2022 17:06:36
rps_mns-NHO220078 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 18-May-2022 12:09:46 21-Jun-2022 16:07:45
rps_mns-FEA220014 Fawcett Lane Leeds LS12 4PF Wortley For Sale - Available 18-May-2022 17:07:45 27-Jun-2022 16:08:54
rps_mns-ADE200157 Kenworthy Garth Leeds LS16 7QU Adel For Sale - Available 18-May-2022 17:07:48 20-Jun-2022 17:05:57
rps_mns-ROT220190 Westfield Close Rothwell LS26 0XA Rothwell For Sale - Available 19-May-2022 09:08:28 20-Jun-2022 13:05:48
rps_mns-SPR220984 Brigshaw Lane Leeds LS25 7LD Kippax For Sale - Available 19-May-2022 10:08:01 24-Jun-2022 08:07:41
rps_mns-NHO210105 Dunstarn Lane Leeds LS16 8EG Adel For Sale - Available 19-May-2022 14:07:56 21-Jun-2022 09:06:02
rps_mns-HEA220128 Burchett Grove Leeds LS6 2JA Woodhouse For Sale - Available 19-May-2022 15:08:13 23-Jun-2022 11:07:14
rps_mns-MOO220021 Thackrah Court 1 Squirrel Way LS17 8FQ Shadwell For Sale - Available 20-May-2022 13:09:30 21-Jun-2022 09:06:08
rps_mns-CRO220174 Maypole Mews Barwick In Elmet LS15 4PE Barwick In Elmet For Sale - Available 21-May-2022 09:06:54 22-Jun-2022 16:08:07
rps_mns-GUI220238 Back Lane Guiseley LS20 8DS Guiseley For Sale - Available 23-May-2022 08:08:02 28-Jun-2022 12:08:43
rps_mns-MLY210400 Sycamore Way Birstall WF17 0EE Birstall For Sale - Available 23-May-2022 09:08:39 27-Jun-2022 13:07:53
rps_mns-PUD220496 Swinnow Lane Leeds LS13 4RF Bramley For Sale - Available 23-May-2022 11:09:10 28-Jun-2022 15:07:29
rps_mns-OAK220016 Mansion Gate Drive Chapel Allerton LS7 4SY Chapel Allerton For Sale - Available 23-May-2022 14:07:33 29-Jun-2022 12:09:15
rps_mns-GFT220253 Leeds Road Barwick in Elmet LS15 4JE Barwick In Elmet For Sale - Available 23-May-2022 17:07:21 25-Jun-2022 12:06:50
rps_mns-GUI220240 Croft Way Menston LS29 6LT Menston For Sale - Available 24-May-2022 10:07:30 29-Jun-2022 08:08:18
rps_mns-WOR220020 Walsh Lane Leeds LS12 5EJ Wortley For Sale - Unavailable 24-May-2022 11:08:00 24-May-2022 17:06:49
rps_mns-WBY210229 Plompton Knaresborough HG5 8LX Plompton For Sale - Available 24-May-2022 13:07:50 29-Jun-2022 17:07:08
rps_mns-ADE220166 Dale Park Gardens Leeds LS16 7PT Cookridge For Sale - Available 24-May-2022 16:09:06 29-Jun-2022 10:07:18
rps_mns-GUI220280 Congress Street Leeds LS12 3DY Armley For Sale - Available 25-May-2022 14:09:54 29-Jun-2022 17:07:16
rps_mns-SPR220699 Canal Court Lofthouse WF3 3HE Lofthouse For Sale - Available 25-May-2022 16:09:50 25-May-2022 16:09:50
rps_mns-PUD220173 Wesley View Pudsey LS28 7DT Pudsey For Sale - Available 26-May-2022 09:08:33 29-Jun-2022 17:07:19
rps_mns-MOO170287 Stoneleigh Garth Moortown LS17 8FG Moortown For Sale - Available 26-May-2022 11:07:49 14-Jun-2022 12:07:51
rps_mns-WOR220205 Suffield Crescent Gildersome LS27 7WB Gildersome For Sale - Available 26-May-2022 11:08:15 27-Jun-2022 11:08:04
rps_mns-CRO220369 Birch Avenue Leeds LS15 7QY Crossgates For Sale - Available 26-May-2022 12:10:21 28-Jun-2022 12:08:14
rps_mns-MTL160203 Oakdene Way Leeds LS17 8XR Shadwell For Sale - Available 26-May-2022 15:08:27 24-Jun-2022 09:07:46
rps_mns-PUD220214 Westdale Road Pudsey LS28 7HT Pudsey For Sale - Available 27-May-2022 09:08:45 29-Jun-2022 15:07:01
rps_mns-WBY220173 St. Andrews Walk Newton Kyme LS24 9FA Newton Kyme For Sale - Available 27-May-2022 10:08:45 29-Jun-2022 16:07:33
rps_mns-SPR221121 Haigh Moor Road Tingley WF3 1EE Tingley For Sale - Available 27-May-2022 14:08:59 27-Jun-2022 16:09:21
rps_mns-MLY220258 Turton Vale Gildersome LS27 7LJ Gildersome For Sale - Available 27-May-2022 15:07:43 27-Jun-2022 14:08:38
rps_mns-SPR170794 Franklin Road Harrogate HG1 5EH Central Harrogate For Sale - Available 28-May-2022 12:07:40 29-Jun-2022 10:07:01
rps_mns-GUI220289 Whack House Close Yeadon LS19 7LZ Yeadon For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 09:08:48 23-Jun-2022 10:08:33
rps_mns-MOO060512 Shadwell Park Drive Shadwell LS17 8TT Shadwell For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 10:08:03 29-Jun-2022 09:07:10
rps_mns-AUC220345 Station Road Royston S71 4HN Grimethorpe For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:13 28-Jun-2022 13:07:03
rps_mns-AUC220266 Hipswell Catterick Garrison DL9 4BB DN - Doncaster For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:38 27-Jun-2022 15:07:38
rps_mns-AUC210225 Lyng Court Holes Lane WF11 8LH Knottingley For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:40 17-Jun-2022 10:07:29
rps_mns-MOO160240 Allerton Grange Rise Leeds LS17 6LH Moortown For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:43 29-Jun-2022 09:07:14
rps_mns-SPR221145 Woodnook Drive Cookridge LS16 6PG Cookridge For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:47 22-Jun-2022 14:07:44
rps_mns-WBY220025 Ashfield Wetherby LS22 7TF Wetherby For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:49 29-Jun-2022 14:06:59
rps_mns-AUC220267 Main Street Thorganby YO19 6DA York For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:08:53 28-Jun-2022 10:07:32
rps_mns-AUC220263 Newland Park Drive York YO10 3HP York For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:05 30-May-2022 14:08:00
rps_mns-AUC220268 Poplar Cottage Burn YO8 8LJ Brayton For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:09 30-May-2022 11:09:09
rps_mns-AUC220265 Meanwood Grove Leeds LS6 4QQ Dennison Park For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:09 28-Jun-2022 14:07:40
rps_mns-AUC220271 Richardsons Row Newholm YO21 3QS York For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:09 13-Jun-2022 11:07:18
rps_mns-AUC220264 Kings Mead Driffield YO25 5FD Tockwith For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:20 28-Jun-2022 16:10:45
rps_mns-AUC220270 Mowbray Terrace Thornton Le Moor DL7 9DP York For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:24 30-May-2022 11:09:24
rps_mns-AUC220272 Regent Street Harrogate HG1 4BE Central Harrogate For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:30 28-Jun-2022 15:07:28
rps_mns-AUC220273 Parliament Avenue Norton YO17 9HF York For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:33 28-Jun-2022 15:07:29
rps_mns-AUC220262 Salisbury Terrace York YO26 4XP Whixley For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:33 28-Jun-2022 09:07:22
rps_mns-AUC220276 Redesdale Gardens Leeds LS16 6AU Adel For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:38 22-Jun-2022 09:08:27
rps_mns-AUC220275 Sandringham Crescent Leeds LS17 8DF Shadwell For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:38 29-Jun-2022 11:07:52
rps_mns-AUC220299 High Fernley Road Wyke BD12 8AH Wyke For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:39 27-Jun-2022 15:07:46
rps_mns-AUC210549 Summerfield Green Leeds LS13 1AR Bramley For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:42 28-Jun-2022 16:10:49
rps_mns-WOR220144 Whitehall Road Leeds LS12 5NP Wortley For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:42 28-Jun-2022 09:07:24
rps_mns-AUC220254 Bracken Green East Ardsley WF3 2LT East Ardsley For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:44 28-Jun-2022 15:07:32
rps_mns-AUC220245 Westbourne Place Leeds LS11 6EJ Beeston For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:45 24-Jun-2022 14:07:26
rps_mns-AUC220141 Huddersfield Road Wyke BD12 8HN Low Moor For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:45 29-Jun-2022 12:09:20
rps_mns-AUC220168 High Street Boston Spa LS23 6ER Boston Spa For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 11:09:45 28-Jun-2022 10:07:42
rps_mns-PUD210611 Hillthorpe Road Pudsey LS28 8ND Pudsey For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 12:08:57 28-Jun-2022 16:10:56
rps_mns-WAK070451 Ferry Lane Stanley WF3 4JR Stanley For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 16:09:16 28-Jun-2022 10:07:45
rps_mns-SPR220774 Main Street Church Fenton LS24 9RF Church Fenton For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 16:09:23 27-Jun-2022 10:08:21
rps_mns-OAK220017 Fernwood Park Villas LS8 1SQ Roundhay For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 16:09:57 28-Jun-2022 12:08:45
rps_mns-CRO220377 Wykebeck View Leeds LS9 0HT Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 30-May-2022 16:10:41 24-Jun-2022 11:08:08
rps_mns-ADE190233 St. Helens Lane Adel LS16 8BS Adel For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 08:08:54 27-Jun-2022 10:08:24
rps_mns-SPR212652 Primrose Avenue Swillington LS26 8UF Great Preston For Sale - Unavailable 31-May-2022 09:08:39 08-Jun-2022 09:07:25
rps_mns-AUC220318 Beresford Street Oakenshaw BD12 7DD Oakenshaw For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 09:09:27 17-Jun-2022 09:06:51
rps_mns-PUD150171 Pavilion Way Pudsey LS28 7WH Pudsey For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 10:09:40 28-Jun-2022 08:08:06
rps_mns-AUC220319 Beresford Street Oakenshaw BD12 7DD Oakenshaw For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 10:10:35 28-Jun-2022 10:07:53
rps_mns-AUC220320 Beresford Street Oakenshaw BD12 7DD Oakenshaw For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 11:10:20 23-Jun-2022 14:08:38
rps_mns-OAK220331 West Park Road Roundhay LS8 2HA Roundhay For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 12:08:36 29-Jun-2022 10:07:26
rps_mns-ROT220273 St. Aidans Road Great Preston LS26 8AZ Great Preston For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 12:09:44 21-Jun-2022 14:06:58
rps_mns-AUC220321 Alva Terrace Shipley BD18 2BX BD18 For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 14:09:33 17-Jun-2022 09:06:58
rps_mns-WAK100962 Bradford Road Wakefield WF1 2BA Wakefield For Sale - Available 31-May-2022 16:09:42 28-Jun-2022 10:07:55
rps_mns-NHO200370 Main Street Methley LS26 9JE Methley For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 09:09:07 08-Jun-2022 16:08:19
rps_mns-ROT220259 Grace Causier Street Methley LS26 9FP Methley For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 12:08:56 29-Jun-2022 10:07:36
rps_mns-CRO220243 Monkswood Avenue Leeds LS14 1DH Seacroft For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 12:10:25 29-Jun-2022 16:08:15
rps_mns-AUC220343 Featherbank Lane Horsforth LS18 4NA Horsforth For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 13:08:32 28-Jun-2022 13:07:30
rps_mns-AUC220235 Fieldhouse Walk Leeds LS17 6HW Moortown For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 14:07:40 29-Jun-2022 15:07:59
rps_mns-AUC220257 Whitwood Lane Castleford WF10 5QD Cutsyke For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 15:08:27 29-Jun-2022 15:07:51
rps_mns-HGT160212 Layton Lane Rawdon LS19 6RG Rawdon For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 16:08:03 23-Jun-2022 10:09:06
rps_mns-CRO220389 Kirkfield View Leeds LS15 9DX Colton For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 16:08:15 29-Jun-2022 08:08:41
rps_mns-SPR221089 The Grange Woolley Grange S75 5QP Haigh For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 16:08:48 27-Jun-2022 09:07:54
rps_mns-WAK220316 Church Road Normanton WF6 2NU Altofts For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 18:07:50 15-Jun-2022 10:07:11
rps_mns-SPR220844 Towngate Ossett WF5 0QD Wakefield For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 19:07:17 28-Jun-2022 16:11:34
rps_mns-WAK220357 Manor Grove South Kirkby WF9 3JN South Kirby For Sale - Available 01-Jun-2022 19:07:47 23-Jun-2022 12:08:39
rps_mns-PUD180656 Smalewell Road Pudsey LS28 8JH Pudsey For Sale - Available 03-Jun-2022 10:07:45 29-Jun-2022 12:09:44
rps_mns-FAC220085 Selby Road Whitkirk LS15 9BQ Whitkirk For Sale - Available 04-Jun-2022 09:06:53 24-Jun-2022 15:07:57
rps_mns-PUD220493 Tyersal Road Bradford BD4 8ES Tyersal For Sale - Available 06-Jun-2022 12:09:20 22-Jun-2022 09:09:12
rps_mns-ROT220258 Woodland Drive Middleton LS10 4GW Middleton For Sale - Available 06-Jun-2022 13:08:32 24-Jun-2022 09:08:59
rps_mns-WAK220356 Gascoigne Road Thorpe WF3 3BP Thorpe For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 09:09:13 28-Jun-2022 13:07:51
rps_mns-AUC220305 Haincliffe Road Keighley BD21 5BU Keighley For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 09:09:48 28-Jun-2022 10:08:23
rps_mns-MOO220232 High Moor Crescent Leeds LS17 6DU Moortown For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 10:08:51 29-Jun-2022 10:07:44
rps_mns-MLY220269 Watson Street Morley LS27 0AJ Morley For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 10:10:13 28-Jun-2022 15:08:09
rps_mns-FEA151467 Welbeck Road Leeds LS9 9BY East End Park For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 11:10:42 26-Jun-2022 15:06:43
rps_mns-AUC220200 Commercial Street Shipley BD18 3SP BD18 For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 11:11:09 29-Jun-2022 15:08:13
rps_mns-AUC220285 Kingsmead Drive Leeds LS14 1AH Redhall For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 12:11:00 22-Jun-2022 10:10:08
rps_mns-AUC220301 Snape Street Keighley BD21 5DS Keighley For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 12:12:18 29-Jun-2022 13:08:04
rps_mns-PML220061 Summerbank Close Drighlington BD11 1LQ Drighlington For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 13:10:05 24-Jun-2022 14:08:15
rps_mns-WAK220302 Hesley Road Wakefield WF2 7HJ Kettlethorpe For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 13:11:00 15-Jun-2022 09:07:24
rps_mns-SPR220862 Moon Hill Court Aberford LS25 3ES Aberford For Sale - Available 07-Jun-2022 17:07:52 27-Jun-2022 08:08:54
rps_mns-PUD210444 Bankhouse Lane Pudsey LS28 8LZ Pudsey For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 09:08:46 29-Jun-2022 10:07:52
rps_mns-PUD190962 Greentop Pudsey LS28 8JB Pudsey For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 10:08:42 22-Jun-2022 14:07:51
rps_mns-FAC220029 Sandmoor Lane Leeds LS17 7EA Alwoodley For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 11:07:56 29-Jun-2022 15:08:20
rps_mns-ROT220274 Stone Brig Lane Rothwell LS26 0UD Rothwell For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 11:08:04 21-Jun-2022 12:07:48
rps_mns-AUC220315 Market Street Barnsley S70 1SL Sheffield For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 13:09:15 24-Jun-2022 14:07:41
rps_mns-WAK220338 Churchfields Crofton WF4 1HQ Crofton For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 15:09:03 29-Jun-2022 10:07:55
rps_mns-AUC220334 Allerton Road Allerton BD15 7QU Allerton For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 15:10:01 29-Jun-2022 12:10:07
rps_mns-GUI220230 Emmott Drive Rawdon LS19 6RF Rawdon For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 16:09:14 29-Jun-2022 13:08:14
rps_mns-AUC220349 Cleveleys Terrace Leeds LS11 0AG Holbeck For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 16:10:56 29-Jun-2022 10:07:58
rps_mns-SPR221001 Grove Farm Crescent Cookridge LS16 6BY Cookridge For Sale - Available 08-Jun-2022 17:08:17 29-Jun-2022 16:08:51
rps_mns-AUC220314 High Street Doncaster DN1 1BB BD10 For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 08:08:55 29-Jun-2022 16:00:08
rps_mns-SPR211258 Heath Grove Batley WF17 6RE Soothill For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 09:08:53 24-Jun-2022 14:07:48
rps_mns-MOO220131 Brackenwood Drive Leeds LS8 1RG Bracken Edge For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 09:09:23 28-Jun-2022 10:08:41
rps_mns-WBY220181 Rosemary Row Tadcaster LS24 8HS Tadcaster For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 10:08:34 27-Jun-2022 11:08:45
rps_mns-GFT220287 Station Fields Garforth LS25 1PS Garforth For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 10:08:48 27-Jun-2022 16:10:26
rps_mns-MOO101119 Birchwood Hill Leeds LS17 8NT Shadwell For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 12:08:33 24-Jun-2022 09:08:32
rps_mns-HOR100355 Ireland Crescent Leeds LS16 6SY Cookridge For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 13:09:08 29-Jun-2022 09:08:26
rps_mns-AUC220244 White Apron Street South Kirkby WF9 3LH South Kirby For Sale - Available 09-Jun-2022 16:11:04 29-Jun-2022 10:08:07
rps_mns-CRO220438 Oak Park Drive Leeds LS16 6FJ Cookridge For Sale - Unavailable 10-Jun-2022 10:08:27 13-Jun-2022 11:07:34
rps_mns-CRO220422 Magnolia Road Seacroft LS14 6WQ Killingbeck For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 11:08:27 29-Jun-2022 17:08:11
rps_mns-SPR221229 Newsholme Lane Durkar WF4 3BD Wakefield For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 12:07:48 29-Jun-2022 13:08:25
rps_mns-CRO210376 Middle Moor Leeds LS14 2DW Whinmoor For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 13:07:55 23-Jun-2022 11:08:34
rps_mns-PUD220594 Cemetery Road Pudsey LS28 7LW Pudsey For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 14:08:03 23-Jun-2022 10:09:05
rps_mns-ADE070109 Long Causeway Adel LS16 8DU Adel For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 15:07:37 28-Jun-2022 14:08:05
rps_mns-FAC220109 Moor Road Bramhope LS16 9HJ Bramhope For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 15:08:18 27-Jun-2022 10:08:35
rps_mns-AUC220351 Vernon Road Heckmondwike WF16 9LU Heckmondwike For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 15:09:47 24-Jun-2022 14:07:59
rps_mns-CRO220318 Clifton Terrace Leeds LS9 6ES Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 16:09:38 29-Jun-2022 11:09:05
rps_mns-SPR211169 Harrogate Road Leeds LS17 6DP Shadwell For Sale - Available 10-Jun-2022 17:07:59 24-Jun-2022 14:08:02
rps_mns-WBY210194 Castle Keep Scott Lane LS22 6NY Wetherby For Sale - Available 11-Jun-2022 10:07:17 24-Jun-2022 14:08:03
rps_mns-SPR221116 Mackintosh Mews Horsforth LS18 4FT Horsforth For Sale - Available 11-Jun-2022 12:07:25 23-Jun-2022 10:09:14
rps_mns-GUI220076 Shakespeare Road Guiseley LS20 9BR Guiseley For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 10:09:18 29-Jun-2022 13:07:49
rps_mns-OAK220344 The Avenue Roundhay LS8 1JG Roundhay For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 14:09:23 22-Jun-2022 11:09:40
rps_mns-ADE220106 Moor Grange Rise West Park LS16 5BP West Park For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 15:08:49 25-Jun-2022 11:06:35
rps_mns-SPR221081 Leeds Road Allerton Bywater WF10 2HU Castleford For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 15:10:56 24-Jun-2022 09:08:56
rps_mns-GUI220265 Cavendish Road Guiseley LS20 8DW Guiseley For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 16:09:23 29-Jun-2022 14:07:38
rps_mns-WAK220329 Parker Street East Ardsley WF3 2AF East Ardsley For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 16:11:14 27-Jun-2022 10:08:52
rps_mns-GUI220287 Barfield Avenue Yeadon LS19 7SH Yeadon For Sale - Available 13-Jun-2022 17:08:23 29-Jun-2022 10:07:46
rps_mns-HOR200066 Park Drive Horsforth LS18 5EB Horsforth For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 10:08:34 27-Jun-2022 13:08:40
rps_mns-ADE220135 Kingsley Drive Leeds LS16 7PB Adel For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 11:09:22 27-Jun-2022 09:08:15
rps_mns-HEA220322 Roxholme Terrace Leeds LS7 4JH Chapel Allerton For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 11:10:03 29-Jun-2022 17:07:46
rps_mns-AUC220362 Torre Crescent Leeds LS9 6JP Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 11:11:12 20-Jun-2022 16:08:35
rps_mns-MOO220142 Chelwood Crescent Leeds LS8 2AQ Roundhay For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 13:08:17 28-Jun-2022 11:09:36
rps_mns-HOR070708 Cragside Place Kirkstall LS5 3LY Kirkstall For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 14:09:23 27-Jun-2022 16:10:37
rps_mns-WAK210903 Royston Hill East Ardsley WF3 2HB East Ardsley For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 16:09:37 21-Jun-2022 15:07:43
rps_mns-GFT180138 Park Avenue Allerton Bywater WF10 2AR Castleford For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 16:09:51 20-Jun-2022 12:08:21
rps_mns-SPR192014 Dorts Crescent Church Fenton LS24 9RU Church Fenton For Sale - Available 14-Jun-2022 16:10:31 29-Jun-2022 12:10:00
rps_mns-ADE210258 Weetwood Lane Weetwood LS16 5NP Weetwood For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 07:06:45 28-Jun-2022 13:07:56
rps_mns-AUC220354 Clifton Mount Leeds LS9 6ER Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 08:09:21 20-Jun-2022 16:08:40
rps_mns-PUD220611 Poplar Square Farsley LS28 5AW Farsley For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 09:09:19 29-Jun-2022 14:08:00
rps_mns-AUC220247 Sefton Street Leeds LS11 6NA Beeston For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 09:10:10 23-Jun-2022 14:09:42
rps_mns-HOR220228 Lawnswood Crescent Adel LS16 8GB Adel For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 10:07:42 20-Jun-2022 10:07:52
rps_mns-SPR212466 South Street Rawdon LS19 6JF Rawdon For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 10:09:03 28-Jun-2022 09:08:10
rps_mns-WOR200167 Cambridge Gardens Leeds LS13 3LT Bramley For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 10:10:11 24-Jun-2022 16:08:41
rps_mns-SPR221171 Cyprus Avenue Wakefield WF1 2RT St Johns For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 13:08:08 29-Jun-2022 11:08:41
rps_mns-WOR220210 Lower Wortley Road Leeds LS12 4SN Wortley For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 14:09:22 29-Jun-2022 10:08:01
rps_mns-AUC220350 Cowper Mount Leeds LS9 7BB Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 14:11:03 23-Jun-2022 09:09:09
rps_mns-AUC220286 Old Westgate Dewsbury WF13 1NF Wakefield For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 14:11:05 23-Jun-2022 14:09:28
rps_mns-MOO220168 Bideford Avenue Roundhay LS8 2AE Roundhay For Sale - Available 15-Jun-2022 18:08:20 29-Jun-2022 17:08:00
rps_mns-WAK220384 Britannia Road Morley LS27 0DT Bruntcliffe For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 08:07:58 27-Jun-2022 13:08:57
rps_mns-SPR221228 Daffil Grange Way Morley LS27 7QP Morley For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 09:10:37 28-Jun-2022 11:09:51
rps_mns-GUI170311 Newlands Avenue Yeadon LS19 7PQ Yeadon For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 10:08:56 28-Jun-2022 13:08:07
rps_mns-PUD220582 Wesley Road Stanningley/Farsley Border LS28 6EJ Stanningley For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 12:08:44 23-Jun-2022 15:09:05
rps_mns-GFT210180 Low Farm Great Preston LS26 8AD Great Preston For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 12:09:04 28-Jun-2022 10:08:40
rps_mns-SRD220007 Allerton Park Chapel Allerton LS7 4AJ Chapel Allerton For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 16:08:19 29-Jun-2022 16:08:54
rps_mns-SPR221233 Woodlea Court Leeds LS17 8BE Moortown For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 16:09:06 27-Jun-2022 16:10:56
rps_mns-HOR040151 Abbeydale Garth Leeds LS5 3RQ Kirkstall For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 16:09:50 27-Jun-2022 09:08:23
rps_mns-OAK150632 Ridgeway Roundhay LS8 4DD Roundhay For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 17:07:23 25-Jun-2022 12:08:33
rps_mns-SPR221051 Uppermoor Close Pudsey LS28 8BU Pudsey For Sale - Available 16-Jun-2022 17:07:57 23-Jun-2022 15:09:10
rps_mns-SPR172986 Silverdale Close Guiseley LS20 8BQ Guiseley For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 09:08:16 29-Jun-2022 15:08:41
rps_mns-MOO220225 Street Lane Leeds LS17 6LA Moortown For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 09:08:27 29-Jun-2022 14:08:26
rps_mns-ADE220147 Tinshill Road Cookridge LS16 7DU Cookridge For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 10:08:43 25-Jun-2022 11:06:58
rps_mns-SPR210828 Linden Court Rothwell LS26 0GF Rothwell For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 10:09:20 29-Jun-2022 10:08:18
rps_mns-AUC220324 Albion Street Castleford WF10 1EW Castleford For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 11:11:13 21-Jun-2022 14:07:47
rps_mns-OAK220347 Bedford Court Leeds LS8 2PL Oakwood For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 12:09:12 27-Jun-2022 18:08:08
rps_mns-WAK220333 Waite Street Wakefield WF2 9JN Wakefield For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 12:09:28 21-Jun-2022 09:07:49
rps_mns-OAK150402 Grange Park Road Leeds LS8 3BJ Leeds 8 For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 15:08:49 27-Jun-2022 16:10:34
rps_mns-AUC220296 Kingsmead Drive Leeds LS14 1AH Scarcroft For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 16:08:34 28-Jun-2022 10:08:48
rps_mns-PUD220531 Swinnow Lane Leeds LS13 4HP Swinnow For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 17:07:55 27-Jun-2022 10:09:26
rps_mns-WBY220189 Abbotts Close Aberford LS25 3AZ Aberford For Sale - Available 17-Jun-2022 17:08:09 29-Jun-2022 12:10:40
rps_mns-HOR220254 Brownberrie Walk Horsforth LS18 5PQ Horsforth For Sale - Available 18-Jun-2022 12:07:22 29-Jun-2022 17:08:18
rps_mns-CRO220332 Kelmscott Lane Leeds LS15 8JT Crossgates For Sale - Available 18-Jun-2022 12:07:27 28-Jun-2022 11:09:51
rps_mns-SPR220975 Ring Road Seacroft LS14 1AT Seacroft For Sale - Available 18-Jun-2022 12:07:37 24-Jun-2022 16:08:54
rps_mns-SPR211108 Tingley Crescent Tingley WF3 1JF Tingley For Sale - Available 18-Jun-2022 13:07:21 26-Jun-2022 14:07:16
rps_mns-MLY150668 Gillroyd Terrace Morley LS27 8DD Morley For Sale - Available 18-Jun-2022 13:08:27 24-Jun-2022 14:08:47
rps_mns-GUI220333 Holmwood Drive Leeds LS6 4NF Meanwood For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 07:09:15 27-Jun-2022 11:09:04
rps_mns-SPR212000 Langdale Avenue Outwood WF1 3TX Wakefield For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 08:08:06 29-Jun-2022 17:08:24
rps_mns-FEA220059 Beaumont Street Stanley WF3 4HQ Stanley For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 08:08:24 24-Jun-2022 13:09:19
rps_mns-SPR221058 Greenwood Road Tingley WF3 1PS Tingley For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 08:08:37 27-Jun-2022 14:09:27
rps_mns-AUC220332 Newstead Drive Fitzwilliam WF9 5DG Kinsley For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 08:09:17 23-Jun-2022 10:10:00
rps_mns-AUC220258 Hainworth Lane Keighley BD21 5BD Keighley For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 09:09:34 28-Jun-2022 10:08:57
rps_mns-GUI220311 Coppice Wood Avenue Yeadon LS19 7LQ Yeadon For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 10:09:05 28-Jun-2022 11:09:57
rps_mns-GUI220326 Silverdale Drive Guiseley LS20 8BE Guiseley For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 11:09:08 27-Jun-2022 11:09:09
rps_mns-PUD220585 Troydale Lane Pudsey LS28 9JY Pudsey For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 12:09:30 29-Jun-2022 08:09:46
rps_mns-AUC220307 Brayton Terrace Leeds LS14 5AT Stanks For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 12:10:22 29-Jun-2022 13:08:38
rps_mns-GUI220315 Renton Avenue Guiseley LS20 8EE Guiseley For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 14:08:45 29-Jun-2022 08:09:49
rps_mns-SPR221131 Dunrobin Avenue Garforth LS25 2NN Garforth For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 14:08:45 27-Jun-2022 17:08:24
rps_mns-CRO220426 Broadway Leeds LS15 0LX Temple Newsam For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 14:08:48 21-Jun-2022 15:08:23
rps_mns-HOR210383 Victoria Crescent Horsforth LS18 4PR Horsforth For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 15:08:29 22-Jun-2022 13:09:30
rps_mns-AUC220248 Selby Road Leeds LS9 0EW Burmantofts For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 15:08:52 27-Jun-2022 10:09:43
rps_mns-WAK210900 Lingwell Gate Drive Wakefield WF1 2NY Outwood For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 15:09:29 24-Jun-2022 09:09:47
rps_mns-AUC220333 Lemans Drive Dewsbury WF13 4AL Wakefield For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 15:10:17 28-Jun-2022 10:09:08
rps_mns-HEA170291 Alder Hill Avenue Leeds LS6 4JQ Meanwood For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 16:09:32 28-Jun-2022 15:08:58
rps_mns-GFT220115 Roach Hill Walk Kippax LS25 7FP Kippax For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 16:10:05 29-Jun-2022 08:09:54
rps_mns-OAK220336 Newton Court Oakwood LS8 2PH Oakwood For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 16:10:41 29-Jun-2022 17:08:31
rps_mns-BEE210178 Dalton Avenue Leeds LS11 7NN Beeston For Sale - Available 20-Jun-2022 16:11:01 27-Jun-2022 16:10:53
rps_mns-OAK220257 Old Park Road Roundhay LS8 1JB Roundhay For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 09:07:34 29-Jun-2022 12:10:52
rps_mns-OAK110308 Montagu Drive Oakwood LS8 2PD Oakwood For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 09:08:36 29-Jun-2022 17:08:32
rps_mns-GFT210368 Goldfinch View Kippax LS25 7FL Kippax For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 09:09:03 27-Jun-2022 09:08:58
rps_mns-SPR221117 Flanshaw Lane Wakefield WF2 9JH Alverthorpe For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 10:08:28 29-Jun-2022 11:09:23
rps_mns-WAK220383 Santingley Court New Crofton WF4 1JR Crofton For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 10:10:19 22-Jun-2022 11:11:12
rps_mns-SPR220995 Victoria Gardens Horsforth LS18 4PH Horsforth For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 11:08:50 29-Jun-2022 09:08:54
rps_mns-GUI220332 The Laureates Shakespeare Road LS20 9BR Guiseley For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 11:09:09 23-Jun-2022 10:10:19
rps_mns-PUD220628 Acres Hall Crescent Pudsey LS28 9DZ Pudsey For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 12:10:14 29-Jun-2022 16:09:26
rps_mns-SPR191295 Fairfield Crescent Leeds LS13 3DY Bramley For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 12:10:39 29-Jun-2022 17:08:39
rps_mns-AUC220246 Church Lane Featherstone WF7 6BB Featherstone For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 12:10:52 22-Jun-2022 10:11:11
rps_mns-ROT220315 St. Davids Road Robin Hood WF3 3TG Robin Hood For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 13:08:29 23-Jun-2022 09:10:05
rps_mns-OAK190478 Nunroyd Road Leeds LS17 6PH Moortown For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 14:08:22 27-Jun-2022 16:11:03
rps_mns-OAK220084 Darfield Street Harehills LS8 5DB Harehills For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 14:09:43 29-Jun-2022 08:10:04
rps_mns-MLY220291 Cromwell Court Drighlington BD11 1DG Drighlington For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 14:09:45 27-Jun-2022 11:09:28
rps_mns-BEE220306 Middleton Park Road Leeds LS10 4LZ Middleton For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 15:09:23 28-Jun-2022 11:10:24
rps_mns-SPR212271 Lea Farm Grove Kirkstall LS5 3QJ Kirkstall For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 16:09:59 23-Jun-2022 18:08:50
rps_mns-SPR221044 Coal Road Leeds LS14 1NN Whinmoor For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 16:11:11 29-Jun-2022 12:11:12
rps_mns-WAK220395 Bronte Close East Ardsley WF3 2FF East Ardsley For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 16:11:13 28-Jun-2022 13:08:47
rps_mns-MLY220287 Lee Moor Road Stanley WF3 4EF Stanley For Sale - Available 21-Jun-2022 17:09:08 29-Jun-2022 10:08:48
rps_mns-GUI190213 Springfield Place Guiseley LS20 9AP Guiseley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 09:11:32 28-Jun-2022 17:09:58
rps_mns-PML220048 Oakham Way Leeds LS9 9AL Osmondthorpe For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 09:11:49 29-Jun-2022 14:09:00
rps_mns-WAK110340 Meadowcroft Road Outwood WF1 3TA Wakefield For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 10:12:09 28-Jun-2022 10:09:24
rps_mns-GFT220309 Ninelands Lane Garforth LS25 2AN Garforth For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 10:12:44 29-Jun-2022 18:07:37
rps_mns-AUC220378 Middleton Park Avenue Leeds LS10 4HP New Forest Village For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 10:13:47 24-Jun-2022 10:09:50
rps_mns-ROT220255 Coney Moor Grove Methley LS26 9AX Methley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 11:11:37 24-Jun-2022 13:09:47
rps_mns-OAK220306 Grange Avenue Leeds LS7 4EN Chapeltown For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 11:11:55 29-Jun-2022 14:09:03
rps_mns-AUC220337 Bute Street Bradford BD2 1DH Low Moor For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 11:13:00 27-Jun-2022 16:11:12
rps_mns-SPR221238 Gainsborough Avenue Adel LS16 7PQ Adel For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 12:10:13 27-Jun-2022 15:09:23
rps_mns-PUD210907 Armley Grange Avenue Leeds LS12 3QN Upper Armley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 12:11:26 29-Jun-2022 11:09:40
rps_mns-WOR220214 Cockshott Drive Leeds LS12 2RL Armley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 12:11:27 23-Jun-2022 12:09:22
rps_mns-SPR221308 Ashwood Gardens Gildersome LS27 7AS Gildersome For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 13:10:26 28-Jun-2022 11:10:38
rps_mns-MOO200296 The Avenue Alwoodley LS17 7NY Alwoodley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 14:09:38 28-Jun-2022 17:10:07
rps_mns-SPR221118 Flanshaw Lane Wakefield WF2 9JH Alverthorpe For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 14:09:41 29-Jun-2022 11:09:42
rps_mns-SPR221324 Otley Old Road Leeds LS16 6JS Cookridge For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 14:10:09 29-Jun-2022 13:09:09
rps_mns-SPR221050 Highthorne View Armley LS12 3JR Armley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 14:10:26 27-Jun-2022 13:09:41
rps_mns-FEA160507 Castle Lodge Mews Rothwell LS26 0ZF Rothwell For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 15:11:12 29-Jun-2022 17:08:56
rps_mns-ADE220180 Raynel Green Leeds LS16 6BT Adel For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 15:11:31 29-Jun-2022 09:09:21
rps_mns-PUD220126 Lower Wortley Road Leeds LS12 4PS Wortley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 15:11:45 29-Jun-2022 14:09:15
rps_mns-MLY220272 Bedale Tingley WF3 1AT Tingley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 16:10:57 24-Jun-2022 16:08:57
rps_mns-MOO220254 Nursery Lane Leeds LS17 7EE Alwoodley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 16:11:28 29-Jun-2022 16:09:45
rps_mns-PUD220615 Bellmount Green Leeds LS13 2NE Bramley For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 16:11:55 29-Jun-2022 16:09:46
rps_mns-GUI220096 Park View Yeadon LS19 7HZ Yeadon For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 17:09:47 28-Jun-2022 10:09:36
rps_mns-PUD210684 Littlemoor Gardens Pudsey LS28 8AS Pudsey For Sale - Available 22-Jun-2022 17:10:03 27-Jun-2022 14:09:55
rps_mns-NHO220119 Parkside Road Leeds LS6 4LY Meanwood For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 09:11:57 29-Jun-2022 10:09:00
rps_mns-WBY220145 Nanny Lane Church Fenton LS24 9RL Church Fenton For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 10:10:14 29-Jun-2022 12:11:32
rps_mns-CRO220448 Richmondfield Avenue Barwick in Elmet LS15 4ET Barwick In Elmet For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 10:10:42 28-Jun-2022 16:13:21
rps_mns-HOR220140 Victoria Grove Horsforth LS18 4ST Horsforth For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 11:09:58 29-Jun-2022 14:09:19
rps_mns-WAK220354 Lingwell Nook Lane Lofthouse Gate WF3 3HZ Carlton For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 11:10:16 23-Jun-2022 11:10:16
rps_mns-HOR210331 Vesper Road Kirkstall LS5 3NA Kirkstall For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 11:11:43 28-Jun-2022 09:09:30
rps_mns-PML210064 Winker Green Lodge Eyres Mill Side LS12 3DH Armley For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 11:11:48 23-Jun-2022 13:10:13
rps_mns-BEE140617 Dewsbury Road Leeds LS11 7BU Beeston For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 12:11:09 27-Jun-2022 12:10:27
rps_mns-ADE210053 Moseley Wood Lane Cookridge LS16 7ER Cookridge For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 13:10:23 29-Jun-2022 09:09:29
rps_mns-HOR120177 Broadgate Lane Horsforth LS18 5AB Horsforth For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 13:10:49 29-Jun-2022 09:09:29
rps_mns-GFT220072 The Boyle Barwick in Elmet LS15 4JN Barwick In Elmet For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 13:11:52 27-Jun-2022 13:09:14
rps_mns-CRO220451 Pigeon Cote Road Leeds LS14 1EP Seacroft For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 13:12:29 26-Jun-2022 13:07:49
rps_mns-CRO220259 Blackthorn Avenue Leeds LS14 1FP Wellington Hill For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 14:10:52 27-Jun-2022 12:10:29
rps_mns-PUD220641 Brookhouse Gardens Parkin Lane BD10 0NH Apperley Bridge For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 14:10:59 28-Jun-2022 09:08:36
rps_mns-GFT220291 Ripley Gardens Garforth LS25 2QN Garforth For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 15:10:15 29-Jun-2022 18:07:53
rps_mns-NHO220122 City Fields Neil Fox Way WF1 5FW Wakefield For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 15:10:29 27-Jun-2022 12:10:33
rps_mns-NHO220123 City Fields Neil Fox Way WF1 5FW Wakefield For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 15:10:49 27-Jun-2022 12:10:34
rps_mns-GUI220367 Hawthorn Drive Yeadon LS19 7XA Yeadon For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 15:10:55 28-Jun-2022 08:09:13
rps_mns-NHO220121 City Fields Neil Fox Way WF1 5FW Wakefield For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 15:11:10 29-Jun-2022 10:09:11
rps_mns-NHO220120 City Fields Neil Fox Way WF1 5FW Wakefield For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 15:11:10 28-Jun-2022 15:08:58
rps_mns-WOR220229 Whitehall Road Leeds LS12 5NP Wortley For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 16:11:44 29-Jun-2022 12:11:44
rps_mns-SPR221137 Aston Road Leeds LS13 2BH Bramley For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 16:11:57 29-Jun-2022 15:09:40
rps_mns-WOR220225 Kellett Road Leeds LS12 4SQ Wortley For Sale - Available 23-Jun-2022 17:10:23 29-Jun-2022 09:08:39
rps_mns-NHO220127 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 09:10:53 28-Jun-2022 15:09:03
rps_mns-SPR221169 Coldwell Road Leeds LS15 7HA Crossgates For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 09:11:11 29-Jun-2022 11:09:10
rps_mns-OAK210441 Laurel Mount Leeds LS7 3JY Chapel Allerton For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 09:11:45 29-Jun-2022 15:09:43
rps_mns-PML170244 Platform One Station Approach LS5 3RY Kirkstall For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 12:11:59 29-Jun-2022 16:10:02
rps_mns-SPR171072 King Lane Leeds LS17 7AT Hampsthwaite For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 13:10:20 29-Jun-2022 14:08:45
rps_mns-MLY200234 Ibbetson Oval Churwell LS27 7RY Churwell For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 13:10:25 28-Jun-2022 11:10:25
rps_mns-WOR220190 Dunlop Avenue Leeds LS12 6LE New Farnley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 13:12:07 28-Jun-2022 12:10:02
rps_mns-HOR220277 Beech Tree Avenue Kirkstall LS5 3BR Kirkstall For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 14:10:16 27-Jun-2022 16:11:22
rps_mns-SPR221376 Forsythia Avenue East Ardsley WF3 2HT East Ardsley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 14:11:12 24-Jun-2022 17:08:30
rps_mns-NHO220129 The Heath Dunstarn Lane LS16 8EG Adel For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 15:09:21 27-Jun-2022 15:09:18
rps_mns-GUI220356 West View Yeadon LS19 7HU Yeadon For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 15:09:59 27-Jun-2022 09:09:06
rps_mns-PUD090609 Swinnow Crescent Stanningley LS28 6NZ Stanningley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 15:10:03 29-Jun-2022 09:08:46
rps_mns-SPR221344 Moor Knoll Close East Ardsley WF3 2AZ East Ardsley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 15:10:28 24-Jun-2022 17:08:32
rps_mns-SPR221309 York Road Leeds LS9 9DN Leeds 9 For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 15:11:02 28-Jun-2022 14:09:21
rps_mns-CRO220030 Whinmoor Way Leeds LS14 5NE Stanks For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 16:10:37 26-Jun-2022 11:07:33
rps_mns-WOR220219 Saxstead Rise Leeds LS12 4ND Wortley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 16:11:53 27-Jun-2022 13:09:31
rps_mns-WOR220238 Barden Mount Leeds LS12 3EF Armley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 16:11:54 29-Jun-2022 14:08:54
rps_mns-HEA220096 Woodlea Green Meanwood LS6 4SS Meanwood Park For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 17:08:41 24-Jun-2022 17:08:41
rps_mns-SPR180378 Batcliffe Drive Leeds LS6 3QB Headingley For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 17:08:45 28-Jun-2022 12:10:14
rps_mns-WBY210117 Gloster Close Church Fenton LS24 9YS Church Fenton For Sale - Available 24-Jun-2022 19:09:27 29-Jun-2022 11:09:22
rps_mns-OAK220370 Wensley Green Leeds LS7 2ND Chapel Allerton For Sale - Available 25-Jun-2022 09:09:37 28-Jun-2022 10:09:19
rps_mns-BEE220310 Middleton Park Road Leeds LS10 4AY Middleton For Sale - Available 25-Jun-2022 09:10:57 25-Jun-2022 14:07:43
rps_mns-CRO220439 Ring Road Crossgates LS15 7QA Crossgates For Sale - Available 25-Jun-2022 10:09:00 27-Jun-2022 15:09:25
rps_mns-BEE220323 Cross Flatts Parade Leeds LS11 7JL Beeston For Sale - Available 25-Jun-2022 11:09:17 28-Jun-2022 12:10:19
rps_mns-SPR220129 Ring Road Leeds LS15 7AE Whitkirk For Sale - Available 25-Jun-2022 12:09:37 29-Jun-2022 11:09:26
rps_mns-NHO210147 East Causeway Crescent Adel LS16 8LW Adel For Sale - Available 25-Jun-2022 13:09:05 28-Jun-2022 11:10:37
rps_mns-SPR221312 Pleasant Mount Leeds LS11 9NT Holbeck For Sale - Available 26-Jun-2022 13:09:27 29-Jun-2022 13:08:56
rps_mns-GUI150336 Cavendish Road Guiseley LS20 8DW Guiseley For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 11:11:15 27-Jun-2022 11:11:15
rps_mns-SRD220005 Queens Close Great Preston LS26 8FD Great Preston For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 11:11:45 27-Jun-2022 11:11:45
rps_mns-SPR220967 Crowther Avenue Calverley LS28 5SA Calverley For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 12:11:40 29-Jun-2022 14:09:04
rps_mns-MLL220037 Raynville Avenue Leeds LS13 2RS Bramley For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 14:12:03 29-Jun-2022 16:09:30
rps_mns-NHO220128 Navigation Point Cinder Lane WF10 1AR Castleford For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 15:10:08 29-Jun-2022 09:08:59
rps_mns-GUI200353 Quakers Lane Rawdon LS19 6HU Rawdon For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 15:10:13 29-Jun-2022 10:08:47
rps_mns-CRO220028 Whinmoor Way Leeds LS14 5NE Stanks For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 15:10:24 27-Jun-2022 16:11:37
rps_mns-ADE130100 Broomfield Adel LS16 6AE Adel For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 16:11:26 29-Jun-2022 14:09:07
rps_mns-SPR221291 Wood Bottom Gardens Horsforth LS18 4TW Horsforth For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 16:12:23 29-Jun-2022 09:09:03
rps_mns-HOR220272 New Road Side Horsforth LS18 4DP Horsforth For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 16:12:44 29-Jun-2022 08:10:44
rps_mns-GUI220361 Coppice Wood Grove Guiseley LS20 9JU Guiseley For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 16:12:48 28-Jun-2022 14:09:35
rps_mns-PUD220651 Snowden Green Leeds LS13 2TR Bramley For Sale - Available 27-Jun-2022 16:13:32 29-Jun-2022 16:09:33
rps_mns-MLY220292 Crabtree Way Tingley WF3 1TR Tingley For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 09:09:53 29-Jun-2022 13:09:03
rps_mns-SPR181941 Manor Chase Micklefield LS25 4EH Micklefield For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 09:10:16 28-Jun-2022 10:09:31
rps_mns-GFT200029 Fair Maid Place Allerton Bywater WF10 2FR Allerton Bywater For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 09:10:19 29-Jun-2022 18:07:47
rps_mns-ROT220335 Church Street Woodlesford LS26 8RE Woodlesford For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 09:10:31 29-Jun-2022 10:08:52
rps_mns-SPR220939 Grasmere Drive Wetherby LS22 6GP Wetherby For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 09:10:46 28-Jun-2022 10:09:33
rps_mns-HEA220316 Kepstorn Close Leeds LS5 3EL Kirkstall For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 10:10:59 29-Jun-2022 17:08:53
rps_mns-MOO220252 Queenshill Avenue Leeds LS17 6BP Moortown For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 10:11:01 29-Jun-2022 17:08:53
rps_mns-GFT220266 Wakefield Road Garforth LS25 1NE Garforth For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 10:11:12 29-Jun-2022 18:07:51
rps_mns-HEA220173 St. Chads Court St. Chads Road LS16 5QX Far Headingley For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 10:11:34 29-Jun-2022 17:08:54
rps_mns-MOO220033 Highwood Avenue Leeds LS17 6ES Moortown For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 11:11:37 29-Jun-2022 11:09:39
rps_mns-WAK210699 Denby Dale Road Calder Grove WF4 3DL Calder Grove For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 12:11:18 29-Jun-2022 09:09:17
rps_mns-BEE220146 Throstle Road Leeds LS10 4HF New Forest Village For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 13:10:11 29-Jun-2022 11:09:40
rps_mns-GUI220335 Greenacre Park Mews Rawdon LS19 6RT Rawdon For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 14:09:54 29-Jun-2022 10:08:57
rps_mns-BEE210117 Wesley Court Beeston LS11 8RD Beeston For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 14:11:40 29-Jun-2022 16:09:40
rps_mns-WAK170368 Judy Haigh Lane Thornhill Edge WF12 0QB Thornhill For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 15:09:36 29-Jun-2022 15:09:26
rps_mns-SPR220017 Hawthorn Grove Rothwell LS26 0AJ Rothwell For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 15:10:15 29-Jun-2022 09:09:20
rps_mns-CRO220373 Oak Terrace Leeds LS15 8JG Crossgates For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 15:10:31 28-Jun-2022 16:13:15
rps_mns-OAK220386 Banstead Terrace East Leeds LS8 5PX Harehills For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 15:11:15 29-Jun-2022 10:08:59
rps_mns-PUD220610 Nansen Street Leeds LS13 3HW Bramley For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 15:11:16 29-Jun-2022 16:09:42
rps_mns-ROT200388 Arran Way Rothwell LS26 0WB Rothwell For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 17:10:27 29-Jun-2022 08:10:55
rps_mns-ROT220338 Oast House Croft Robin Hood WF3 3BS Robin Hood For Sale - Available 28-Jun-2022 17:11:43 29-Jun-2022 09:09:22
rps_mns-SPR202473 Firth Grove Leeds LS11 7HR Beeston For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 08:12:36 29-Jun-2022 16:09:44
rps_mns-GUI220334 Cavendish Drive Guiseley LS20 8DR Guiseley For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 09:09:56 29-Jun-2022 09:09:56
rps_mns-MLY160519 Woodkirk Avenue Tingley WF3 1JN Tingley For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 09:10:25 29-Jun-2022 11:09:45
rps_mns-OAK220217 Fearnville Close Leeds LS8 3HG Leeds 8 For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 09:10:49 29-Jun-2022 11:09:46
rps_mns-BEE220039 Lodge Lane Leeds LS11 6BA Beeston For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 09:11:13 29-Jun-2022 15:09:32
rps_mns-PUD220566 Millbank View Pudsey LS28 9NN Pudsey For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 10:10:13 29-Jun-2022 13:09:18
rps_mns-GFT220255 Trent Avenue Garforth LS25 2AY Garforth For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 10:10:17 29-Jun-2022 10:10:17
rps_mns-HOR030202 Park Grove Horsforth LS18 5EE Horsforth For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 11:10:12 29-Jun-2022 11:10:12
rps_mns-HEA220345 Meadowgate Croft Lofthouse WF3 3SS Lofthouse For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 11:11:07 29-Jun-2022 13:09:20
rps_mns-GUI210061 Kingsdale Drive Menston LS29 6QN Menston For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 12:12:46 29-Jun-2022 13:09:21
rps_mns-NHO220038 Rathmell Road Leeds LS15 0NZ Halton For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 13:10:33 29-Jun-2022 13:10:33
rps_mns-CRO220308 Lyndhurst Road Scholes LS15 4BP Scholes For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 14:09:55 29-Jun-2022 16:09:49
rps_mns-SPR220928 Hollin Park Terrace Leeds LS8 3HE Leeds 8 For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 14:10:39 29-Jun-2022 16:09:50
rps_mns-ROT220319 Glanville Terrace Rothwell LS26 0LH Rothwell For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 16:10:42 29-Jun-2022 17:09:06
rps_mns-SPR220907 Elizabeth Street Leeds LS6 1JF Hyde Park For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 16:11:44 29-Jun-2022 16:11:44
rps_mns-MTL220099 Holt Park Avenue Leeds LS16 7RA Holt Park For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 17:09:41 29-Jun-2022 17:09:41
rps_mns-WBY210009 Garth End Collingham LS22 5BH Collingham For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 17:09:46 29-Jun-2022 17:09:46
rps_mns-MLY220271 Canal Lane Lofthouse WF3 3HW Lofthouse For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 17:09:55 29-Jun-2022 17:09:55
rps_mns-OAK140291 Grange Park Grove Leeds LS8 3BY Gipton Wood For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 17:10:18 29-Jun-2022 17:10:18
rps_mns-BEE220334 Belvedere Mount Leeds LS11 7ED Beeston For Sale - Available 29-Jun-2022 17:10:47 29-Jun-2022 17:10:47